Terrariums, Air Purifiers & Succulents: This Florist Has The Bomb of Plants

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What Makes It Awesome

Lorea Florists is in several areas of Hyderabad but have you ever been to their Sainikpuri outlet? With a patio like arrangement and plants scattered haphazardly all over the place, this store has the vibe of a home balcony. But it's only when you step in, you notice the variety of products. From totally adorable succulents to exotic and cute terrariums, we've left a bit of our heart here. With bamboo sets and dainty landscape plants, we are totally sorting our desire to get the prettiest of plants at home. Looking for indoor plants? Check out Zamia Beauty or Red Aglaonema. Lorea has more than 20 types of Bonsai and all of them are handcrafted beautifully. This floral design studio has fresh flowers, artificial flowers and of course a whole variety of plants to choose from. We are also in love with some of the planters, particularly the bunny and elephant planters with tiny succulents. Lorea Florist is one of the best places in Hyderabad delivering flowers and cakes for any occasion. Want to gift someone cakes and chocolates? They customise the gift hampers with plants and soft toys too. Time for gifting that green living friend a succulent, isn't it?

What Could Be Better

The brand runs a little high on prices.

Former Editor, LBB, Hyderabad.