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Enjoy Thai & Japanese Food In Fusion At This Cute Little Outlet!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Food garten located in car khana drive-inn. It is a small stall, where we can seat anywhere in that drive-inn. This usually opens in the evening.
They have got a huge menu with many options and very few vegetarian options.

Food on my table:-
* Mexican veg nachos:- Firstly nachos was priced too high. Nachos were topped with tomato sauce and olives. Neither nachos were tasty nor that sauce.
* Paneer takoyki:- This is Japanese made appetizers made with batter, and fried in a pan not deep-fried. This is completely a different flavour giving us tamarind flavour.
* Tom Yum Paneer Fried Rice:- This a Thai based dish. Tom means Boiling and Yum means rice made with that spicy. This rice was made with Thai spices, carrot and topped with spring onions. I have liked their simple plate presentation.
* Egg pad Thai:- Here noodles were stirred with eggs, adding tamarind pulp as flavour. This is a must-try item here.
* Sitaphal smoothie:- I don't think this is made with fresh fruit. Just on top of smoothie Sitaphal pulp was added.
* Blackberry:- This was good giving us perfect blackberry.
* Watermelon smoothie:- one complete watermelon is served with smoothie inside and on top with few watermelons cut pieces. This is the only one made with fresh fruit.
* Nutella cheesecake:- This looks so yummy. One side of the plate is served with whipped cream, and Nutella cake topped with almonds.
* Rose milk soda with cream:- This is something so new, I have never seen rose milk with cream on top. Rose milk will on the bottom, where soda is in middle and cream at the top. This cannot be mixed because of viscosity. So the taste will be good until rose milk is present.

Service:- 5*
value for money:- 3.5*
presentation:- 4.5*
Quantity:- 4

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

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