Enjoy The Most Delicious Food At This All-Day Breakfast Place!

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What Makes It

Eat Glitters for breakfast, and shine all through the day. Presenting: The Chicken Hole 9 Yards Hash. My love for a wholesome traditional American breakfast or brunch is very difficult to be expressive about!

And now, The Hole In The Wall Cafe Hyderabad has become my recent favourite for quenching my thirst for a perfect American Breakfast. This particular dish was so wholesome I tell you.

With almost all variants of Chicken - Salami, Sausage, Ham tossed with sautéed Onions, Jalapenos, Hash browns, Capsicum, Mushrooms. It was topped with 2 perfectly made fried Eggs and served with 2 slices of Brown bread with a generous amount on butter on it

Now that I have loved the food from the hole in the wall cafe, I am not gonna stop visiting them