Juttis To Sneakers: This Label Surely Knows How To Quirk Up Its Footwear


    What Makes It Awesome

    You don't need a prince charming, all you need is a great pair of shoes to rule the world. Agree? On that note, check out The Cinderella Story — a Hyderabad-based label that crafts beautiful footwear. Run by Sabista Khan (who swears her love for Taylor Swift), this label will instantly grab your attention with all the embroidery, sequins, and patterns on the footwear. One look and we're sold. Inspired by pop culture and Bollywood, their jutti collection is a keeper, and they're named as Deewani Mastani, Jodha, etc.

    Game Of Toes — a part of The Cinderella Story curates the choicest of footwear from all across the country. What's not to love? They're pocket-friendly too. And perfect for those of you who love nailing those OOTD looks with stunning footwear range. Wondering what the comfort scene is like? Crafted with super soft soles, you can breeze through weddings or elaborate events in style. 

    Sabista pays a lot of attention to detail — and if you are a bride looking for accessories to complete your trousseau, you might want to check out The Cinderella Story. Soon, you'll find footwear for men, combos for fam — perfect for those of you who love to twin with your squad, and quintessential bag and shoe combos. Sounds like a grand plan, doesn't it? The price ranges between INR 300-1,500 for Game Of Toes and INR 1,500-4,000 for The Cinderella Story.


    At the moment, you can place an order via Instagram or Facebook. You'll spot them at several pop-ups and flea markets too.