Looking for Authentic Oriental Delicacies? Stop right here!

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What Makes It Awesome?

I found this really small and cosy place, "The Himalayan Café" in the busy streets of Botanical Garden Road, Kondapur, Hyderabad.

You gotta CLIMB UP the 2 flights of stairs and find yourself following a mouth-watering fragrance which will in turn land you in a kitchen.

There isn't much space to sit but you can watch how everything is prepared in the transparent kitchen. I prefer visiting the place rather than ordering. They also have some cute posters hanging on the walls. You can SWIPE to see them.

The food here is so great. Lemme tell you more about it.
I'll straight away jump to the delicious 'Veg Thukpa'. The famous 'Thukpa' is a Tibetan Noodle Soup. The Veg Thukpa here was not at all like the other thukpas I have had till now. This one felt way too authentic representing where they are from and it was simply amazing. It had Paneer slices chopped up in it and garnished with fresh Coriander. It was healthy food that you could gobble on and be so full.

Next, we had the delicious 'Veg Chilli Garlic Noodles'. I choose Schezwan Sauce because I like my food spicy. Schezwan sauce is sweet, spicy and a pretty great option taste-wise. It was garnished with freshly cut spring onions. I would go again just for them.

Next, we have the 'Himalayan Cafe Special Veg Momos' and 'Himalayan Cafe Special Non-Veg Momos'.
You usually get 6 momos in one plate but because I was ordering multiple things that I wanted to try. I requested them to give half of both of them and they were kind enough to do so.

The momos had so much of filling in them I was actually half full with them. Both the veg and non-veg had so much great filling. They were so authentic and tasty. The sauces which were provided along with them were just WOW. They provide you with 3 different sauces and you can choose to dip or pour over any of them. I liked the one in the middle which not too spicy and not too sweet.

What Could Be Better?

More seating place.

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500