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The Crunch For The Best Homemade Wholesome Muesli Or Granola

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What Makes It Awesome?

The Crunch by Sindhura Devarakonda serving the best homemade wholesome Muesli or Granola.

While we all know how important a breakfast is, there are times due to unavoidable situations, could be due to limited time to cook or need to rush, we tend to miss it. I have been under the same helpless situation too but that's not an excuse we give and let it go. "Listen To Your Body". Proper Breakfast and Dinner that includes carbs protein nutrients in your meal are key to healthy living as most of the muscles/body rejuvenate over the resting time.

Having said that one of the best healthy on the go alternative that I choose is Muesli or granola. While both of them are mostly similar few differences are
•Muesli is plain unbaked & Granola is baked with oil or sweetener or both.
•Muesli mostly served with hot or warm milk or overnight soaked in milk whereas Granola is mostly served cold or can be directly consumed as a snack.
There are a lot of recipes around these two that make the breakfast prep easier faster & healthier. Spl to my fellow corporate fellas you just have to pack some and use the hot milk from our vending machines 😋.

Besides a lot of brands available in the market that use inverted syrup & preservatives which I do not suggest, I would rather make one at home (tedious though) or order from The Crunch that makes one of the best homemade granola by Sindhura Devarakonda. I tried all the three priced between 200-200inr & my favorite is the dark chocolate one.

Do mention your allergic ingredients or any customizations before ordering. Menu, Pricing & contact to place order in the comments.

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500