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Theory Cafe- Perfect Place For Your Weekend Gatherings

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What Makes It Awesome?

Theory Cafe & Dessert Bar: The amiable job of every person is to eat, drink, sleep and repeat. We just want a chill pill, hang out with the bunch of friends and capture those craziest moments that maketh the day especially holiday perfect. Whilst many different types of restaurants come in all shapes and sizes, today’s restaurant concepts extend beyond the traditional fast food, casual, and fine dining concepts. The stark lines that once divided these restaurant concepts have been replaced by grey areas that overlap each other, which can make it difficult for restaurant owners to define their restaurant concept.

Best known for coffee, espresso, biscotti, and pastries, the concept of Cafes is to provide counter service and aim to create a comfortable, leisurely atmosphere. Cafes are conducive for cake lovers, two lattes to-go, and a seating area suitable for a business interview or a conversation between good friends.

When all of these components bind together, we shouldn't look any further than Theory Cafe. Theory Cafe is a multi-faceted Cafe & a patisserie wherein you can have high tea with your squad amidst green surroundings and open spaces. Theory Cafe is Rehan Guha's brainchild with an effort to server some exquisite continental & comfy food with a laid-back vibe that makes you feel as if you're at home. As you step in, this cafe has a stunning outdoor space with greens all around and some comfy seating space amidst the courtyard. They also have an indoor dining space with a good room for seating options.
We were here for a Sunday lunch meet-up & thankfully the weather Gods were in our favour as we stuck to the outdoor dining to enjoy the laid back lunch.

Starting off with Cheese sticks, Onion rings, fish fingers & wasabi prawns. While the cheese sticks are something which shouldn't be missed out with mozzarella cheese crumb-fried, the fish fingers needed some improvement as they were quite soggy with a lot of oil infused in the crumbs, however, the quality of fish was absolutely spot-on. The onion rings were just the saviour, served with spicy mayo dip served as the perfect appetizer, crispy & crunchy & were really to fun to hog on. Even the Wasabi Prawns were neatly done & so simple, the crumb-fried meat pieces were juicy and succulent, making it an instant hit among us, this is surely a restaurant favourite for many out there; definitely recommended from the menu. Next up was BBQ chicken wings which were juicy, soft, warm and full of flavours. These are one of the best bbq chicken wings which are coated in a blend of spices, then fried to a noisy crisp texture and blended in the best honey bbq sauce. Amongst the pizza we got a Half-n-Half of Primavera medley of cheese & mixed veggies(olives, tomatoes, bell pepper & broccoli), certainly lives up to the freshness in terms of taste & presentation. Another was Southern Chicken pizza which tasted equally amazing as this is proper soul food if you would like to try American Deep South classics.

Next up, we got Peri peri chicken skewers, insane in terms of presentation, the meat pieces were spicy, tangy, and super tender with a roasted pepper marinade served with a lemon-infused yoghurt sauce & sauteed veggies; another recommended dish from the menu for all the meat lovers out there. As our bellies were almost filled up with, we stuck to Spaghetti white sauce pasta from the mains, packed with veggies, the white sauce being on-point, so creamy & good making it absolute comfort food to binge on. Rounding off with desserts, we got Chocolate mousse cake, Caramel Chocolate Tart, Creme Brule & Blueberry tart; the caramel chocolate tart had an apt balance of chocolate soil & caramel layer, an absolute pleasure in every slice. Even my vote goes for the Blueberry tart as the rich flavour of blueberry was nicely infused with a considerable layer of vanilla frosting at the top making it visually appealing.

While cafes often have sandwiches, small pastries, and perhaps a soup of the day, their primary purpose isn’t just lunch; Theory Cafe is also about the coffee and dessert they offer. Keep going back to Theory, whether with friends or family and make sure you take a picture for the gram amongst the lush greens as it's worth a visit on its own.