Kiraak Mijaaz Aur Biryani: These Are The Simple Things That Make A Hyderabadi Happy

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What a time to be alive! March 20 is International Happiness Day and the fact we Hyderabadis can find ways to be joyous anytime is a reason to be happy about. With that said, there are some specific things that can spark happiness within a Hyderabadi. Can you relate? 

Lunch Mein Biryani, Dinner Mein Mandi

It's a universal fact, we love food! Biryani, Kebab, Mandi, aur 65 ke baare mein soche bina din khatam nahi hota hai. And if a Hyderabadi actually gets to eat that for lunch, dinner, snacks, and more? Maut yaaro! 

When We Find Someone Who Understands Our Slang & Our Movies

How many Hyderabadi does it take to stand out in a crowd? Just one who says hau, nakko, kaiku, and yaaro. Our slang and our movies, we're talking about OG Hyderabadi ones like Angrez and Gullu Dada, are so comical that when we find someone who understands the reference, it's dawat time. 

Dawat, Obviously!

Mention dawat to a local and they'll literally hold you by your neck (out of joy) and take you to a restaurant. Be it marriage, engagement or the fact that you're friend finally passed in an exam after having a tough time for almost eternity because ek, do marks se fail hue, dawat keliye hi tho itane restaurants khulte rehte hai. 

Chaar Baje Ka Chai-Sutta Session

Every pan dabba (tea stall) on any road will be buzzing with people at 4 pm (also, always) because chai-sutta sessions are very dear to Hyderabadis. We wish they can stop with the sutta but chai cheenoge tho khoon hojayega. 

When Someone Actually Arrives In Paanch Minute

You must have heard "Hau, Abhich Aaru Mein" (if you've not, make better friends, guys) and when that person actually does come in those five minutes, it's a reason to celebrate. It's a rare occurrence, but miracles do happen.  

Work From Home

We know this is not just a Hyderabadi thing, but we sure love it, thanks to our laid back attitude which is kaafi kiraak. And it's not simply work from home, we make that into a full-fledged feast with chai, biscuit, kebab, and mithai