Stay In, Do This: Top Five Things For You To Do When At Home

In the wake of the Corona Virus and the rather scary spread of Corvid 19, we’re here to tell you for the first time, to Stay Home, Do This. As a safer, more sensible version in the current time of Go Here Do This, we’ll ensure you’re still as amused about things around you, even if it means staying home. So, here are the top five things for you to do at home.

Truly Dive Into Arts & Culture

If you're an art and culture fanatic, this one's for you. There are about 2,500 museums that you can tour virtually. Take a tour of the British Museum in LondonVan Gogh Museum in Amsterdam among others. Download Google's Art & Culture app (or install it as a Chrome widget on your desktop) to take virtual museum tours, virtual street art tours, zoom into paintings to see brushstrokes, check out photo essays and take up trivia quizzes to test your knowledge of the culture. 

Get Nostalgic & Read Your Childhood Comics

Reading is the best hobby to pick up during quarantine, and if you agree or have kids, you can check out Amar Chitra Katha is offering Tinkle for a month's free subscription to their digital edition. So you can read your old favourites like Suppandi, Tantri the Mantri, etc. Love poetry? Take these recommendations and pick a book

Head To BetterLYF For Online Therapists

Locked up alone, with a partner or family. It is natural to feel anxious, uncertain, lonely and also triggered. Staying inside can be challenging because it also makes you look inside your mind amplifying all hidden anxieties of past, present, and future. Don't let this period get better of you. Connect with some of the best online therapists in India at over call, chat, video or even email. You just need to go to their website and book your appointment. This is the best time to work on yourself and your relationship.

Get Back To Your Hobbies

It's time to go back to your hobbies. And if you can’t think of anything to do, then maybe this is a good time to check out Jane Fonda’s workout videos. You can also check out P.S. - I Made This, which is a fun blog about jewellery making. Or check out the free ‘fiction writing’ course by The Open University.

Shop Online

Now if you’re going to miss out on your shopping trip, then why not stay in and shop online? Log on to LBB and shop your heart out. We have juttis, heels, slings, totes, shirts, t-shirts, dresses, kurtas and whatever you need for a chic wardrobe. You can also check out Inside Out, which has innovative designs for products that range from stationery, home and more. Also, click around Peeli Dori's site for quality cushion covers that are well-priced.