Got No Time But Looking For An Escape? This Lake Town Is Just 5 Hours Away


What Makes It Awesome

Surrounded by jungles and hillocks, Laknavaram is a lake town in Telangana that’s significantly known for its bright yellow suspension bridge. It's only 213KM away from Hyderabad. You might have spotted Laknavaram in several Telugu movies, and its iconic bridge is what we love checking out. The bridge is spread over the lake, giving us a stunning view of not just the lake, but also the greenery that girdles it. Gawk at the sunset over the lake or walk the stretch of the bridge. Laknavaram is a group of 13 islands, and it offers a bunch of activities like kayaking, bird watching, boating, camping. Plenty of adventure groups host regular weekend getaways to Laknavaram, but if you want to plan your own trip, it's not much of a hassle too. While the stay and meal options are limited here, you can stay at the Haritha Resort, a lake view resort that also offers decent food. Go here for the boating, exploring the lake where the trees are submerged in the water, come back, and flood us with them Instagram stories.

Want to go speed boating? Pick one of the local agents scattered around the lake, and go for speed boating or kayaking. For those of you who prefer taking in your surroundings slowly, you've got to kayak. Got more time on your hands? Drive to Bogatha Waterfall, which is an hour away. Adrenaline junkies can rejoice as reaching these waterfalls require trekking, and there are plenty of water activities. While you’ll find a lot of people swimming in the water, we advise you to exercise some caution before taking a plunge, as it has several rocks


It’s a 5-hour drive from Hyderabad. You can also board a train or a bus to Warangal and reach Laknavaram via road from there.