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Heading To Mahbubnagar? Here's A List Of Things To Do & Explore

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Less explored and heritage-rich, Mahbubnagar is an apt destination for those travellers who love taking long walks, hike to the forts, and picnic by a dam. Named after the sixth Nizam of Hyderabad, Mir Mahbub Ali Khan Asaf Jah VI, Mahbubnagar is home to forts, temples, and ruins that date back to the 1870s and early 1900s. Besides, it's only two hours away from Hyderabad — which means you can find a weekend for your exploration duties. 

If all that sounds like a plan to you, here's a list of the best places to visit when you're in and around Mahbubnagar. 

Pillalamarri Banyan Tree

Pillalamarri — the legendary banyan tree is 700 years old, and it's located 4KM away from Mahbubnagar. Well-maintained by the Telangana Government, this banyan tree shares its fine company with an archaeological museum, aquarium, and a zoo. The tree forms a thick green canopy and you can take a walk in its shade. It is said to accommodate around 1,000 people, and if we were you, we'd pack a tiny picnic basket and sit under the tree for that Enid Blyton breakfast vibe. 

Koilkonda Fort

Tucked atop a hill, Koilkonda Fort is a a hike worth taking. During this hike, you'll cross gates wit Telugu inscriptions and symbols, ruins, and spot several birds. When you reach the top of the fort, slow down and take in the panoramic views of the city. The sunsets here are magical. When you're done catching your breath and the view, explore the inside of the fort which is home to an idgah, a mosque, a pond, and an ashurkhana. Also, there's Koilkonda Sagar Dam only 30 minutes away from the location that we recommend driving down to. 

Khilla Ghanpur

Any adventure lovers in the house? Khilla Ghanpur is where you can go rock climbing and trekking. Developed during the Kakatiya era, Gona Ganapa Reddy (popularly known as Gona Ganna Reddy), there's a fort on top of this hill. And yes, there's a historical significance — this fort has witnessed many wars between Qutb Shahis, Bijapur, Vijayanagara kings, and Bahamani kings. When you set off on the trek, you'll spot lots of ruins, canon, and remnants of the yesteryears. 

Mayuri Central Park

Located on Mahabubnagar - Jadcherla Rd, Mayuri Central Park (also known as Mayuri Haritha Vanam Eco Park) is home to adventure activities, hundreds of eucalyptus trees, and quaint little shades for you to picnic. Developed by Telangana Tourism Department, this park is home to a variety of flora and fauna. Spot chirping birds and if you feel adventurous, go zip lining, sky cycling and make your way to the bamboo bridge. There's also archery if you'd like to hit that bull's eye. Besides, there's a rain forest and waterfall on the inside that gathers quite a crowd. The park also has a campsite if you'd like to stay back for the night. 

Wanaparthy Palace

Built in 1885, Wanaparthy Palace is located only 6KM away from Mahbubnagar. Often regarded as Mustafa Mahal, this palace is now converted into a polytechnic university. Done up in white entirely, this palace was of immense significance during the Independence era. In fact, Wanaparthy Samsthanam was one of the most developed samsthanams , and this palace is a testament to it. If you're an architecture lover and got some time on your hand, we recommend visiting this palace. 

Gadwal Fort

Nope, not the fort from Arundhati movie, but we're still talking about the same Gadwal. Located at around 63KM from Mahbubnagar, Gadwal is a beautiful temple town known for its handloom sarees. Don't forget to shop for Gadwal Pattu sarees before you go explore the fort. The fort, although mostly in ruins, is home to several temples including the iconic Sri Chennakesava Swamy Temple. One step into the fort, and it'll transport you back in time and it makes you wonder — how glorious must the fort have been in its heydays? And oh, there's also a stepwell inside. 

Alampur Jogulamba Temple

Now that you've reached Gadwal, drive down a little further to reach Alampur. This temple town is home to Jogulamba Temple and is surrounded by Nallamala Hills. Also known as Dakshina Kasi, this town is the confluence point of River Tungabhadra and River Krishna. When you're here, you've got to visit this temple which is located on the banks of a river. The architecture is quite regal and since it was developed during the seventh and the eighth centuries, you'll notice how intricate the carvings are. 


Known for river-side cottages, iconic temples, and a stunning water reservoir — Somasila is totally worth visiting. It's two hours away from Mahbubnagar, and if you've got more time on hand, we recommend spending a night here. Why? Because Haritha Somasila offers stunning cottages on the banks of the river Krishna. Go off on a boating excursion or explore the nearby town, Kollapur. Somasila is said to have more than 15 temples in its vicinity, including the Sangameshwara Temple which is submerged in the Somasila Water Reservoir. Do note that this temple isn't open on all days and can be seen only when water levels are quite low.