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Here's Where You Can Expand Your Social Circle

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Whether you've just moved to Hyderabad or want to expand your social circle, Hyderabad is a melting pot of different cultures and people, and you can make plenty of friends. Sure, we all love our old friends but it doesn't harm to make new ones, isn't it? So, here's a list of places where you can strike a conversation with new (and probably like-minded) peeps in town. 

Human Library Hyderabad

At Human Library Hyderabad, you borrow and listen to the stories of people instead of books. A great opportunity to have conversations that defy stereotypes and prejudices, HLH is where some of our friends found their current best amigos (And flatmates). HLH is conducted quite regularly, so we recommend checking the dates of the upcoming meetups and get there. Every story is worth listening and sharing!


Lamakaan is a cultural space in Banjara Hills where culture vultures flock. There is something always happening at Lamakaan — whether it's a play, a workshop or an open mic. It also moonlights as a coworking space (although the WiFi is super slow) where you'll share tables with strangers and artists and probably break bread (errr...samosa) with them. So, grab some Irani chai, and don't be shy to strike a conversation. 

La Petite Meringue

They say that the love for food can bring two lost souls together. If you’re a firm believer of this maxim, then find yourself at La Petite Meringue’s baking classes. Radha Dhaka’s La Petite Meringue is a home baking venture in Hyderabad and she is a baker-cum-sculptor with 25 years of experience. She conducts workshops on basic fondant techniques, mastering the art of baking, figurines. Here, you’ll meet a bunch of dessert lovers and baking enthusiasts that you can say hello to while whipping some sugary goodness.

Collab House At Out Of The Box

Collab House at Out of the Box (a cafe run by Hotel GreenPark) is a creative space that started on the note — can we make people of Hyderabad curious and more importantly, can we gather curious individuals in one space? Always bustling with activity, it has a cafe cum bar that dishes out food and drinks too. And there’s also DIY Thursdays, illustration workshops, meetups. All you've got to do is follow their page and hit up their workshops.

Room Two

Room Two is a new speakeasy bar by Zero40 Brewing where you don't just get to taste delicious cocktails but also check out the most-coveted speakeasy in Hyderabad. Finding the right tribe that attracts your vibe can be difficult, but that's the thing – everything is exclusive.

To get into Room Two, please contact the bar, and show up in dapper formals (no flipflops please). 

Tale Tellers Troupe

Tale Tellers Troupe is a community that embraces the art of storytelling to quash the fear of public speaking, and they host plenty of awesome activities like F*ck Up Tales (stories of failure), Travel Tales, Bonfire Love Stories etc. along with workshops of writing, poetry etc. You can share your stories or chat with the storytellers at the events.

Tangy Sessions

Tangy Sessions is an art and music community that hosts awesome music camps, secret gigs where you can listen to original compositions of upcoming and popular artists. It gathers a fine bunch of music enthusiasts from all nooks and corners of the city. Follow their Facebook page, and be sure to attend their gigs.

Great Hyderabad Adventure Club

Great Hyderabad Adventure Club has a wide range of trekking and walking activities that will help you get a hang of the city. Discover a mutual love for adventure and thrills at one of their meetups along with your fellow adrenaline junkies. Expect a fine gathering of thrill-seekers, and we have personally made some friends here. So, go! You can also explore more communities here.

Hyderabad Book Club

Hyderabad Book Club led by Sagar Sharma meets every third Sunday in a month, and you can join them in their reading sojourns. If you are a reader or a bookworm and want to discover other readers in Hyderabad, check out this club. 

Urban Sketchers

We show the world, one drawing at a time is what Urban Sketchers stands for. It was founded by Faraaz Farshori — an award-winning artist (right from his childhood) and Ishak who spearheaded the thought of starting a Hyderabad chapter under the Urban Sketchers umbrella. How these folks function is quite straightforward — they choose a host whenever they announce a meetup, and the host seeks permissions, sends regular reminders and learns about the historical spot in advance to help participants envision the place better. Then, you go sketch by gawking at the monument.