Bon Appétit! Meet These Top Home Chefs In Hyderabad

Just a few decades ago, eating out was rare. Today, it is an everyday affair. There are restaurants and cafés opening (and closing) every week and people are experimenting with their taste buds more than ever before. But none can deny the fact that ghar ka khana is ghar ka khana, especially when you are staying away from your family. So, here is a list of top home chefs in Hyderabad, who will leave you drooling with their yummy Hyderabadi dishes. 

Zarina Sha

Founded in 2009, Mom’s Homemade Food by Zarina Sha provides dishes like kheema biryani, tahari, paya, marag, varieties of kheer and phirni and a lot more. The price range is between INR 500 and 1,200. Here, you can get haleem throughout the year. It is made of potla mutton, i.e., lamb. and is loaded with roasted cashews, fried onions, ghee, coriander, and lime. This home chef, who is based in Tolichowki, delivers large corporate orders and customises it for her clientele based on their taste preferences to any corner of the city when ordered in bulk, and if you want a limited quantity, you can directly visit her. There are pick-up points too, based on the demand from that particular area. 

Naaz Anjum

Located at Tolichowki, Naaz Anjum has certainly made a mark with her dessert delights and all-time famous Hyderabadi Dum Biryani. From a textile engineer to being a chef, Naaz Ajnum has come a long way via Anjnum's Kitchen. She makes different types of biryanis like Nizami Biryani, Dum Mutton Biryani, among others. She also has Arabic items that include a mandi for INR 600. All other food items are priced between INR 800 and 1,400 (1 kg). Apart from servicing orders from home, she also undertakes catering for events like marriages.

Farha Sultana

If you have heard about Nizam’s Flavour, well she is the person behind it. From Pasinde Ka Salan to Dum Ka Kheema, Burani Raita to double ka meetha, you can have an authentic Hyderabadi wholesome dish. The best part is you don't have to order a huge portion (1 kg or more) to get it delivered. Plus, you can get it at a minimal amount, starting at INR 150. Before we forget, Nizam's Flavour is located at Mir Alam Mandi, Patthargatti.

Khatija Seema

She makes Hyderabadi delicacies. You'll get to indulge in Sheer Kurma, Chicken StewDum ka chickenDaalcha, to name a few. She also makes vegetarian Mughlai food. And yes, don't forget to try the fruit trifle. The orders are delivered (with extra charges based on the area). Located at PG Road, the amount is on a higher side (Sheer Kurma for INR 700 for one litre after discount) but it is worth the taste and experience. So yes, track Our Food Factory and start hogging!