Biryani To Burgers: Here's Where To Eat In Srinagar Colony

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Srinagar Colony is where we hung out after college, and we're glad some of the iconic places like Chopsticks, Big Byte are still here. Haven't eaten here? Here is a list of restaurants (or eateries) in Srinagar Colony that you can hit up. 

Mint Leaf Restaurant

An out and out family restaurant, Mint Leaf in Srinagar is a no-frills restaurant. Go here for Mutton Kheema Biryani, Natu Kodi Shorva, Mutton Rogan Josh, and Chilli Mushroom. Known for its spicy dishes and authentic Andhra delicacies, if you are looking for a meal without breaking a bank, this is where you've got to go. 


Chopsticks is an oldie but goodie. Several youngsters are found chowing down the noodles and chicken majestic dishes at this joint. If you don't mind crowded joints or eating in your car, we recommend the Chilli Garlic Egg Noodles. Ask for a double egg and what arrives is eggy goodness of spicy noodles. This is our favourite monsoon snack.

The Shawarma Street

Located right next to Nikhil Hospital in Srinagar Colony, The Shawarma Street is a go-to place for shawarmas in this area. This is more of a takeaway place and you might have to stand on the street to grab a bite. But if you are cool with it, two things that you must absolutely try — Barbecue Chicken Shawarma and Chicken Masala Nuggets. They've got nibbles like sandwiches and French Fries too.

Big Byte

We grew up eating burgers and Dizzy Dogs at Big Byte. If on some days all you crave is a hearty meal of Chicken Manchurian, Mutton Chops, cheesy burgers, milkshakes on a shoestring budget, this is where you should go. And then there's Chicken Pakoda, Drums Of Heaven, and spring rolls that we totally recommend.


Kobbarillu in Srinagar Colony is a rustic-themed restaurant that specialises in Andhra and Rayalaseema cuisine. It's almost like a hidden gem because it's tucked inside a nondescript building, and you'd be surprised when you spot it. Thatched roofs, painted bamboo shoots, and clay products are used as decor accents and when you walk in, you'll notice different sections. From Ulavacharu Biryani to Chicken Majestic, all the dishes are cooked in the most authentic Andhra (or Rayalaseema) style. For those of you who cannot get enough of seafood, there's plenty to dig your teeth into. They've got interesting dishes like Gutti Vankaya Pulao, Keema Prawns Pulao, Kodi Pappucharu Annam, Tangdi Biryani.