These Chocolates Are Delicious & A Must Try!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Just when I thought to stop eating desserts for a while, I still end up having almost 3-4 chocolates per day. But we all love chocolates, you can't say no to them, they are the happiness that you can eat. You should enjoy it piece for piece and let it slowly melt on your mouth. A few days back I received a cute box of chocolates from a Sweet and Passionate baker, Rimple Panda. She is from Odia and settled in Hyderabad almost 3 years back. Starting making a variety of chocolates, Treating people and making them fall in love with her amazing hand made truffles. Featuring here are 3 types of Unique flavours, Rasmalai, Gulkand (Rose Petal) and coconut. Before I tell you how these tasted, First thing, have you ever tried Chocolates in these flavours? No isn't it? Apart from Coconut, Gulkand and ras malai are very new to me. And these flavours were just Out of the world, Rasmalai was Incredible, Coating of White chocolate and Rasmalai Cream on top, Damn what a Creativity

The coconut was amazing and Gulkand had a very different and new taste. Chocolaty and Covered with rose petals had a Good combination, Not a real fan of petals, but this was really amazing.

These 3 flavours are here top Speciality and most recommended. she makes more varieties and loves to keep trying out new flavours every day. Its pure Natural, No preservatives or colours added and the best part was, They aren't very sweet. Honestly, they are Far better than Dairy Milk. If you're looking to Gift Chocolates to your loved ones, Then do Contact Rimple Panda from its All about Chocolates or DM Its all about chocolates on Insta. She will give you the best quality and you'll be satisfied.

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500