Five Videos On 5-Minute Crafts That You Should Watch Right Away

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If you’re not sure watching any 5-Minute crafts video, rest assured, you have. They are literally everywhere. And why not? With over 66 million subscribers on YouTube, they offer everything from life hack videos to making quick but simple craft projects. So, here is our list of five videos that you shouldn’t miss watching on their channel.

Kitchen Hacks For Beginners

Thanks to the lockdown, we all have ended up in the kitchen. So this video will teach you some kitchen life hacks to make your life easier. Plus, cooking ideas to bring you to the next level of cooking.

Clothing Life Hacks

Clothes don’t fit you or you need some improvisation? This video shows you some simple hacks that will help you look like a true fashion icon. You'll get some wacky ideas like how to repurpose the turtleneck part of a sweater into a cute headband.

Ways To Take Photos

Photos have become such a prominent part of our lives. But taking unusual and interesting pictures is a task. This video will give you some brilliant photography hacks and ideas that will make you look great.

Preparing A Pamper Routine

The workload has increased and hence, you need to pamper yourself. But how? This video shows some amazing beauty hacks you can try in your routine to help you relax and get a glowing skin.

Clever Ideas To Clean

Clean better and faster with these ideas that use unexpected tools and creative tidying techniques. From how to remove annoying hair from your hairbrush to making your own sink strainer for the kitchen using a plastic bottle, this video is a saviour.