Forests, Waterfalls & Dam: This Temple Town Is Perfect For A Road Trip


    What Makes It Awesome

    If there is one road trip that will offer you the scenic vistas of wildlife and jungle, gushing river, caves and the excitement of dashing through the ghats, it’s this. Located 212 km away from Hyderabad, this temple town attracts hundreds of visitors from all parts of the country, especially during Krishna Pushkaralu (a major Krishna River festival that occurs once in 12 years). You’ll encounter Nallamalla Forests on your way that’ll wrap you in the lap of nature — flanked by greenery on either side and notorious road bends, riders can have a time of their life. If you’re someone who likes to walk the path less trodden, then you must visit the Ista Kameshwari Temple as its path is a harsh terrain and can be navigated through a jeep only. We also recommend a boat ride to Akkamahadevi Caves, which ferries you over the Krishna River. But there is only one scheduled ride at 10 am, so you’ll have to plan your trip carefully.

    Wildlife enthusiasts can find themselves in the good company of roars at Srisailam Tiger Reserve, which is spread over 3,586 sq km. while water lovers can head out to Mallela Theertham, a waterfall inside Nallamalla where you can indulge in activities like river crossing, sliding etc.


    Just a couple of kilometres away from the temple, you’ll find the Srisailam Reservoir dam, which is majestic during the night. If you’re into photography, you must either shoot the waterfalls in the noon or the dam in the night which is lit up. 

    Although you cannot find any pitstops for food on your way to Srisailam, you’ll find Naatu Kodi (country chicken) and Jowar Roti in Mallapur, Nallamalla, which is one of the many reasons why you should take this trip. But please take all necessary precautions as always.