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Cheesecakes, Pasta & Filter Coffee: Here's Where To Eat In White Town In Pondicherry

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Everyone loves eating in Pondicherry, and we know it for a fact. From mouth-watering desserts to authentic pasta, White Town in Pondicherry is a foodie haven. With plenty of cafes and restaurants in every possible street, where do you go for a gastronomical experience? Where do you go to get the best of everything? If you have no clue, then check out our list of eateries in White Town that you cannot absolutely miss. Yes, for real!

Le Dupleix

What was once the residence of Pondicherry’s Mayor is today a hotel-cum-restaurant. Le Dupleix (a 300-year-old property) is a classic restoration of erstwhile architecture with a few modern touches here and there. We hit up this restaurant for dinner and settled for outdoor seating. The trees here form a canopy over your head, which keeps you cool in the summer, but watch out for the crows. The area of the indoor seating is limited, but try and get seated next to the bar so you can see the bartender whipping up some amazing drinks. We started off with a trio of bruschetta and baby aubergine Italian style (bites of heaven) and moved on to Fettucine Aglio Olio. The pasta is homemade and fresh, and in taste, they’re winners!

Best Known For: French and Continental Cuisines and Organic Food

Cream Affair

Located right next to Le Chateau, Cream Affair is a dessert bar that whips up delicious Boba Tea, ice-cream rolls, and bubble waffle ice-cream. Its candy-coloured decor accents are totally Instagram-worthy, but you can get a picture of you (with your squad) taken at its gallery, which is literally a mini amphitheatre without a screen. We got our hands on the Chocolate Boba Tea and the Red Velvet Waffle Cone with Bubblegum and Chocolate Sauce. The ice-cream was just too sugary for us, but the Boba Tea had the right mix of chocolate and milk (which makes for a perfect summertime drink).

Best Known For: Desserts, Ice cream, Beverages and Bubble Tea

Coromandel Cafe

Love your dinner a little too artsy? Welcome to the club (and Coromandel). Located inside Le Maison Rose, a name it borrowed from its subtle pink interiors and exteriors, this restaurant has a cafe along with a boutique and a bookstore. Dine in the company of trees under the star-studded sky to lift your mood and explore their menu for great seafood or vegan dishes. We skipped appetizers and started our meal with Chopped Pesto Fettuccini that was topped with garlic bhindi, spinach, and sun-dried tomatoes (whaaaaat!) — east meets west, done right. The Harissa Tomato Macaroni Bake is easily the best mac (without cheese) we relished, and we think this is your simple comfort food with a twist. The next thing on our plate was Chickpeas and Cashew Pesto Roasted Vegetables, and this was our little showstopper. The paneer and burnt aubergine were well tossed in home-made pesto sauce, and the chickpeas created a fine balance of taste.

Best Known For: Italian Cuisine and Beverages


Craving a bit of Desi in the French quarters? Then #Dilliwaala6 has to be your spot. Colourful scooters, decor borrowed from Bollywood, and framed photographs of Delhi’s monuments are what define this place. Expect a lot of families lunching here, and it’s super noisy (and crowded). This all-vegetarian restaurant makes no good soups or starters but is terrific with its biryani (take it from a Hyderabadi). Do yourself a favour and try the Nawabi Biryani, which manages to have great flavour without an overdose of greasy oil and masala. Finish off your meal with a glass of lassi or chaas.

Best Known For: North Indian, Mughlai and Chinese Cuisine

Eat My Cake!

After hearing rave reviews of Eat My Cake! from the good peeps of LBB, we decided to check it out. We fell a little too hard in love with this cafe that is straight out of a fairy tale. Magenta walls, a quaint rooftop, and al fresco seating are just a few things we love about this space. With a free WiFi connection, you can turn it into your workstation if you have to make those last-minute conference calls (even on vacation). We tried the apple pie, cupcake, and chocolate crumble, and they were all delicious. The Apple Pie had just the right amount of sweetness, while the Chocolate Crumble had the best layering ever. If you’re visiting Pondicherry, don’t walk past this cafe! Also, it closes at 6 pm, so you might want to get here early in the day.

Best Known For: Desserts and Fast Food

Baker Street

This one came with a high recommendation from all our friends, and now we know why! From quiches to croissants and pizzas to burgers, Baker Street nails the baked goods. The ambience is nothing fancy — in fact, it’s rather plain with low lighting — but the desserts will win you over. We tried a chocolate cheesecake, a brownie, a lemon sorbet, and a chocolate pie. The cheesecake and the pie demand a standing ovation; the brownie and the sorbet (too sour) were quite a letdown, but when eaten together, they make a wicked duo.

Best Known For: Sandwiches and Desserts

Karaikal Hotel

Craving something that reminds you of home? This Chettinad restaurant is an answer to all your pappu prayers. Binge eat the plated meal (priced at INR 100) here. It comes with unlimited rice, dal, rasam, sambar, and three curries. While we were hoping for papad, the hotel had none, so we had to make do with more sambar (good old Madrasi sambar). Do note that this is more of a mess than a restaurant, so it can be crowded and messy.

Best Known For: South and North Indian Cuisines

Hotel De L'Orient

Three cheers for this 18th-century property that has been restored into a hotel-restaurant. Take a seat in the courtyard that is flanked by giant trees and ask for a cup of filter coffee. What arrived was a frothy coffee in a traditional filter (enough to fill two). Grab a book and listen to the birds’ chirping as you sip on the coffee. What we also loved about the hotel is its architecture, so be sure to check out the knick-knacks that are used as a part of the decor here.

Best Known For: Coffee

Villa Shanti

For a serene afternoon in Puducherry, you can head to the Villa Shanti. Choose from their patio, vertical garden or air-conditioned space to relish some seasonal delicacies. Start off with their Spinach and Roasted Apple Salad or their Prawn and Pomelo Salad. Their Patrani Slipper Lobster is a Parsi-style dish marinated with Indian spices, making for a full-filling lunch item. Lastly, indulge your sweet tooth with the Chef’s Crumble, which is a must try.

Best Known For: Indian and European cuisine

Les Alizés

How about a panoramic view of the White Town while you're indulging in your continental delights? Situated on Palais de Mahé’s rooftop terrace, Les Alizés offers an excellent mix of continental and local cuisine. Their Chicken Milanaise and Smoked Tofu Burger are their most popular must-try dishes. You can also go for the chef's recommended, Herb Crusted Pork. Top it off with the sublime taste of the Fresh Lime Mousse with guava compote or their Panna Cotta.

Best Known For: Continental and Pondy Local cuisines

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