Where To Eat In Malkajgiri? Find Sasta Snacks To Fine Gastronomy On This List

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Whether you are a student trying to save their pocket money or an employee trying to locate food places in Malkajgiri, you’ve come to the right place. From crispy dosas for breakfast to flavourful biryanis for lunch, we’ve got some options for you. So, pick your favourite spot to fill your belly.

Abhiruchi Hotel

If you crave South Indian food for breakfast, then this is the place for you in this area. The hotel opens at 8.30 am and serves idlis and dosas along with hot sambar and coconut chutney. You can order 70MM Dosa or Onion Gongura Dosa or simply the basic one and kick off your day in style. Also, they have Pongal Rice, Lemon Rice, Mini Meals, and some fruit juices too. Make a visit and you can never complain about your lunch or breakfast bill again. 

Pans N Grills

Who doesn't love Chinese food? Right? So if you are craving for some, head to Pans N Grills. This is the place that one can afford if they are low on budget and still get a good quantity. Catering to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, they have a menu consisting of 12 pages. Well, that explains the variety of dishes they have. However, the ambience is average. It is not a place where you would like to take your partner but surely, can hang out with your friends. And yes, the restaurant offers fast service which is amazing!

Reddy's Kitchen

If you have INR 300 in your wallet for a meal, you can buy a hearty meal here for one (or share it with your friend if you are not hungry). You can get veg soup for INR 75 and non-veg for INR 85,  fried rice for INR 75 to 100 or mini biryani for INR 90 or fish fry for INR 100, among others. Plus, there are biryani and noodle combos too that start at INR 160.

Go Fresh - The Pizza House

Next on the list is Go Fresh- The Pizza House. This is a kiosk where chairs are spread over for outdoor seating. But this is surely a good food street corner to have pizza with your bunch of friends. The menu has pizzas and burgers. Credits to the soft buns and good taste and of course, price; they have gained popularity over time. We say, drop by and meet your hunger needs in the evenings here. And don't forget to carry cash because online payment might be a problem here.

Munching Time

Fries define comfort. If you agree and wondering where to drop by in Malkajgiri, check out Munching Time. Their menu can remind you of KFC and McD but the price is comparatively less. So go and order Chicken Bucket with a mojito or some nice burger. We have our plates ready, how about you? For two, it will cost around INR 400.