Worlds Largest Meditation Centre Will Soon Be Another Stunning Landmark In Hyderabad

Worlds largest meditation centre is set to open up in Hyderabad which will soon become one of the most recognised places in the world. On the occasion of their 75th anniversary, Heartfulness Institute will inaugurate this centre on January 28 in their global headquarters in Hyderabad at Kanha Shantivanam. Touted as one of a kind spiritual centre, around 40,000 practitioners will grace the event. 

By the world's largest, we mean this space is spread across 30 acres of land. With one central hall and eight secondary halls, this meditation centre will be able to accommodate one lakh practitioners. An architectural marvel, this centre will also be known as a symbol of human transformation which will draw a million eyeballs. The inauguration will see people like President Ram Nath Kovind, Anna Hazare, Baba Ramdev, and 1.20 lakh practitioners. 

First reported on Telangana Today. Read the full story here