Power Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga & Vinyasa Yoga: Ace Those Asanas At This Yoga Studio

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What Makes It Awesome

Yoga-ing to do yoga, right? Great, cause we found another yoga studio for you. Located in Jubilee Hills, Yoga Infinity is where you can go to get those asanas right. Spacious, well-airconditioned studio with wooden flooring, this is a good place for yoga novice. Be it weight management or going for that flex, you can ace your fitness goals here under a certified yoga trainer.

What exactly do they teach here? Here, you will get to learn three types of yogas. You thought there was only one? Ashtanga yoga is a modern-day form of traditional yoga created during the 20th century. If Kareena Kapoor and the rest that Bollywood hasn't made this popular already, power yoga is an energetic style of yoga that focuses on the torso. Vinyasa yoga is for those of you who want that adrenaline boost. Similar to power yoga, this will get you sweating and panting in no time. Their classes are a mix of these three yoga forms and if you're not sure if you can do it (which you can), they have a free trial class. Go, sweat it out.