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It’s Lit! Check Out These Perfect Gifts For Book Lovers That Aren’t Books

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If you or your friend have a habit of leaving books behind at random places or completely miss a conversation because you are reading or talk for a freakishly long time about the smell of books - chances are you belong to that rare breed of book lovers. Here we bring you a list of bookworm-ish things you (or your kind) will love to own.  

Book Organisers

Chic Organic Storage Basket


Books are a bibliophile’s most precious possession and only they can understand the need to stack it right and protect it from any kind of damage. Enter book organisers to the rescue. Not only do they take care of your messy shelf situation, they also make for a great Instagrammable accessory. Pick out a chic organic basket from All That Grass or Forest Kraft, stack up a few nicely colour-coded books (or books by the same author - makes it easier to browse through), throw in some dried flowers (also from Forest Kraft) and voila! You just made having a clutter-free and good-looking space for your books easy to achieve.


Magnetic Bookmarks


What is the second best thing to buying books? Buying quirky bookmarks, ofcourse! If you are a book lover, you know exactly what I am talking about. It’s almost imperative to own a bookmark in order to prevent ugly dog-earing folds when marking your place in the book. We love Seedhi Jalebi and Inside Out Innovative Design's collection of cute magnetic bookmarks. If you keep losing bookmarks all the time, these magnetic ones will surely take care of that problem.


Globe Book Ends


Bookends make for a perfect desk accessory. If you don’t have a proper nook or corner to store your books in, bookends will solve that problem while making that space look decorative. We found some amazing looking ones on ConsciousCo that make for great conversation starters. Their brass plated aluminium bookends are available in two designs - globe bookends for your globe-trotting, book-loving friend, and golf bookends for your sophisticated bookish pal. 

Scented Candles

Geeks - Sweet Musk Scented Candle


There are some things that just go hand-in-hand with reading a book. Like a steaming mug of coffee (or better still hot chocolate), or a quite corner with greens, or your favourite smell wafting through the air. Help your friend create a perfect reading setting by gifting scented candles from House of Aroma, Rad Living (these come with quirky quotes on them - pick the Candle For Geeks!) or The Maeva Store

Bookish Totes

I Like Big Books Tote


The Art People's funky totes will make any book-lover's day. Specially if it has got prints like 'I love big books and I cannot lie' or the pretty straightforward 'books & stuff'. Minimalistic, fuss-free and fun jholas, that your friend can use to carry more books in. Isn't that the perfect gift?

Book Lamp

Game of Thrones Book Lamp


Lit and oh-so-quirky, book-themed lamps can make for an ideal gift for a book-lover. Gingerine Homedecor has a stylish Game Of Thrones book lamp that makes for a geek-chic decor. It’s interesting, useful and can quirk up any boring study or reading area just like that. The best part? It’s portable, so your friend can carry it around just like how she would carry a book.