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Cocktails & Bar Games: Join Us For A Pub Crawl At High Street Phoenix

What's Happening?

Wanna get rid of those mid-week blues? We gotta tell you that there’s something you’d love to be a part of! LBB and High Street Phoenix is hosting a Pub Crawl on Dec 18 and you are invited. This pub crawl will take place over four popular restaurants at the High Street Phoenix, each promising a unique experience. 

We will kickstart the crawl at The Wine Rack with some delicious wine/sangria. Next, we move to the Cream Centre for some good ol’ beer! Don’t forget the delish bar nibbles (because well, drinking without food isn’t the best idea). The Runway Project would be our third stop, where we will have some specially curated cocktails. Last (but not least!) we arrive at The Irish House, to end our crawl on a high note.

And folks, that’s not all. There are some special surprise elements planned too! 

Still wondering why you should register for this? We’ll answer that - you get to meet new people, make friends over a couple of drinks or simply take a break during a busy week. 

How’s the venue?

High Street Phoenix has been our favourite lifestyle destination for all sorts of fun activities. The place houses many high street and luxury brands, apart from our list of popular favourites. Adding to this, there are a variety of restaurants, dine ins and bars too that you cannot miss to check out. 

Make a note

Users above 21 years of age can only register for this event. As this is an invite only event, so please await the LBB confirmation on email/call post your registration. Also, there are limited spots available, so sign up right away!


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