Brekkie At An Iconic Joint & Cycling By The Sea: How To Spend Your Morning Under INR 150 In SoBo

Getting out of bed at 5 AM on a Saturday might not be the most exciting thing to do. But what if we tell you that you could have a peaceful escapade amidst the old-world charm of SoBo on a weekend for not more than INR 150? Do we have your attention now? Lets go then! 

Stop 1: Breakfast At B Merwan, Grant Road

From wherever you are residing, take a local to Grant Road and exit from the East side. You'll spot this iconic Parsi eatery with passersby stopping and staring at the pale yellow building with green windows, and a big black board with B Merwan & Co written in Bold. Order yourself a cup of tea and some veg pattice to go with it. Try their Mava Cake too, you'll fall in love. 

Train Ticket: INR 10/20 (depending on where you are travelling from)

Breakfast: INR 30/40 (Everything here is priced under INR 50)


B Merwan

Shop 1, Alibhai Premji Road, Grant Road, Mumbai


Stop 2: Anil Cycle Store, Charni Road

You could walk it up to this cycle store from Grant Road and watch the world wake up, but if you aren't really fond of walking, then take a cab from B Merwan to Anil. Run by two brothers, its a cycle garage cum store that lends both normal and gear cycles, and there's no deposit required. Of course its a second-hand cycle, but Anil makes sure the tyres are pumped and everything works. You can take the Cafe Ideal route and head to Marine Drive to cover the whole stretch. 

Cycle On Rent: INR 50 for an hour 

Stop 3: NCPA, Marine Drive

By mentioning NCPA, we don't intent to send you inside it (It doesn't open that early in the morning either!) But the end point of Marine Drive, opposite NCPA, is where you can take a halt and sit. There are joggers, runners, and senior citizens with their Laughter Clubs. But the best part about Marine Drive in the morning is sitting next to the cutest dogs by the sea. Each have a name-band on their neck, and are treated by the Welfare of Stray Dogs NGO quite often. Our favorite doggo is this furry indie called Porthu. Go and find yours too! 

Chilling With Doggos: Free of cost (Keep some Parle-G biscuits handy if you're reading this right now and planning to go there)

Stop 4: Charni Road Foot Over Bridge

Once you're done soaking in the beauty of this city in the morning and playing with the best doggos ever, head back to the cycle store, return the cycle, and make your way to Anna and his tiny stall near Charni Road Station's Foot Over Bridge. From 7 AM to 10 AM, his fresh medu vadas and idlis lathered in pure ghee, and garnished with coconut chutney and mozhagapodi (a red chutney paste) sell like hot cakes. This thela is flocked by office-goers, college students, and locals too. 

Idli Wada Plate: INR 25 

Reach Out To Anna: 9930795236

P.S: It's hygienic, guys. 


This experience is subjective and depends on whether you're game for a local experience. But we know that you're a lover of all things local! Happy touring, guys!