Lumos! We Picked These Best Natural & Fragrant Candles For Our Nook


    How does it feel to light up a nice candle to soothe your mind and soul after a long day? Wonderful, doesn't it? Candles are great for self-care sessions; you can also use them for mood lighting, as props and even for creating a romantic setting. Are you looking to bag some too? Great, because we've picked some amazing candles from these homegrown brands - all organic, natural, and under INR 600! Read on! 

    Fresh Lemongrass Mini Jar Candle

    Fresh Lemongrass Mini Jar Candle


    We found this tiny jar candle from The Essence Store that smells divine and is very easy to carry. Affordable and compact, it has a fragrant lemongrass aroma, is completely natural and very soothing.

    Price: INR 149

    Fresh Linen Jar Candle

    Scented Jar Candle - Fresh Linen


    Love the smell of freshly washed clothes? You must have this neat Fresh Linen Jar Candle from Penny Wise. The smell is crisp and very relaxing. Not to forget, it looks chic too!

    Price: INR 299

    Sunshine- Rose & Sandalwood Pillar Candle (Set of 4)

    Sunshine - Set of 4 - Sandalwood & Rose Scented Soy Candles


    Love mood lighting? Get aromatic and beautiful rose and sandalwood pillar candle set of 4 from Rad Living. The set comprises 4 candles of different sizes in a triangular pyramid shape. The fragrance is very rosy and refreshing.

    Price: INR 345

    Beewax Tealight Candle Set

    Beewax Tealight Candle Set


    Essentially a bath and body company, Mandy & Co makes awesome beeswax tealight candles. You can gift this beautiful tealight candle box when in a gifting fix. The soy wax is natural and the designs are artisanal. 

    Price: INR 350

    Coconut Shell Coconut Scented Candle Diya (Set of 2)

    Coconut Shell Coconut Scented Candle Diya (Set of 2)


    The coconut candle from Thenga looks beautiful, smells divine, and is completely sustainable. It is compostable, made of natural soy and coconut wax. It actually comes in a natural coconut shell.

    Price: INR 359

    Meanwhile, you can check out our favourite sustainable coconut brands.

    7 Chakras Candles Jar Set (Set of 7)

    7 Chakras Candles Jar Set (Set of 7)


    If you are into meditation, this brand's 7 chakra candle set (set of 7) from Aura Decor is the best. These candles come in different colours, are fragrant and will help you soothe your mind, body and soul. The wax candles are designer and make for the perfect gift. 

    Price: INR 499

    Elephant Handcarved Waxlight Candle

    Elephant Handcarved Waxlight Candle


    This candle is a beautiful show-piece as well. Admire the handcrafted and hand-carved candle cum decor piece in the shape of an elephant from Casa Pop, a brand by Raseel Gujral Ansal, one of India's leading lifestyle designers. You will appreciate the craftsmanship.

    Price: INR 500

    Baddest Witch In Town Honeysuckle Candle

    Baddest Witch In Town Honeysuckle Candle


    Honeysuckle is known to instantly make a room fragrant with its soothing and aromatic fragrance. Feel fresh with The Lilith Store's Baddest Witch In Town candle. We love how their candles have quirky names with good word play. The soy candle is made of everything organic and natural. 

    Price: INR 547

    English Lavender Jar Candle

    English Lavendar Jar Candle


    Make your room smell great with the English Lavender jar candle from Joyous Beam candles. The floral candle has a strong lavender fragrance that is great while you are pampering yourself with a self-care, grooming session, or a massage. 

    Price: INR 550


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