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This New Eatery In KP Serves Burgers With 5 Patties & Loads Of Cheese.

What Makes it Awesome?

With their signature and humongous variety of burgers, Howra Burger, a Mumbai based famous burger joint has come to Pune. The eatery is located in Koregaon Park in the German Bakery lane. This outlet, like the one in Mumbai, also has their range of challenging burgers like Big Daddy, Grand Daddy, Big Show and GodFather burgers. With these and many such crazy and huge burgers, Howra Burgers is ready to take the city one burger at a time.

Even if you are not really a sucker for burgers, these guys also have a number of good sides such as their chicken or paneer strips fried and tossed in delicious sauces and are also a must try!


Go in a group of a minimum of three people, if you plan to try burgers from their Titans section.

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Fast Food Restaurants
Fast Food Restaurants
Fast Food Restaurants
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