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No Kidding: This New Eatery Is Serving A Misal Thali For INR 120

What Makes It Awesome?

The iconic misal joint, Shrimant Misal has opened a new outlet on SB Road and is serving an enormous misal thali for just INR 120. Unlike most of the food joints in Pune, misal at Shrimant is served on a brass thali with all the condiments in small bowls. The presentation is neat, and the portion size is worth spending your money on. The thali comprises two pieces of pavs smothered in butter, a red spicy curry with moth beans or matki, crunchy farsan topped with roughly chopped onions and coriander, curd, shengdana ladoo, chips, and slices of cucumber. Everything on the plate is unlimited except for the ladoo and the pavs. Coming to the flavours, the misal had a wonderful balance between spiciness and crunchiness. The cold curd and the ladoo cut down the heat and make it easy on the palate. For those of you who cannot handle extreme spice, order a glass of buttermilk on the side. Apart from this, the ambience is quite clean and modest. The service staff is extremely friendly and works at a lightning speed. Photo Credits: Shrimant Misal

How Much Did It Cost?

Under INR 500

Best To Go With?

Big Group and Family

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