This Restaurant Serves Cheeseling Maggi And It’s Like Paradise Has Broken Loose

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What Makes It Awesome?

Night owls and late party people, Arizona restaurant is open for longer nights and serves all kinds of munchies, thick cold coffees, shakes and much more. So the next time you are looking for a place to chill at, head over here. 

Located opposite ICICI bank on Ghole Road, this restaurant is simple. They offer indoor and outdoor seating. The indoor seating gives you the feel of sitting in your college canteen. So in case you have been missing those days, you can chill here. On the other hand, the outdoor seating is set in the bungalow’s compound and has a few trees around the property. Over all, the seating is very comfortable and cozy.

The restaurant is majorly known for quick bites and its night hours. You will find that their menu is made of basic snacking items. You can also find some main courses available with them.They also have Chinese dishes on their menu. All the dishes over here are vegetarian. 

From all of their dishes, this place is famous for its Maggi with cheeselings and cold coffee. It’s your regular Maggi that is topped with cheeselings but, it’s the vibe of the place and the people that you go with, that makes it more special. They also serve some thick and creamy cold coffee that tastes delicious. Along with these dishes, they also serve fries, burgers, pizzas, pav bhaji and much more store. It’s not that big of a restaurant but, the taste is really good. In spite the look and feel of the place, it’s actually pretty hygienic.

The restaurant opens at 1:30 pm and is apparently open till 5 am. However, this matter is a little hush-hush right now. However, they will be open till 12 am for sure. On an average, a meal for two will cost you INR 600 per person.