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All Things Zen: Awesome Products To Give The Ultimate Calm Feels

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2020 has been a chaotic year for all of us. While each of us got to experience our own life journey, there were quite a few things and products that acted as a soothing agent to our burns. Here are 13 amazing products that gave us the ultimate calm in this rollercoaster of a year and helped us switch on our Zen mode. 

Rose Quartz Faceroll From My Pooja Box

My Pooja Box

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2020 has redefined self-care and a lot of us are making ourselves a priority. In that, I've found Rose Quartz, a crystal known to have many healing benefits for the skin as well as the soul to be amazing! My Pooja Box has a special Rose Quartz collection comprising crystal pendants, necklaces, bracelets, charms, lamps, crystal love tree, and even skin rollers (apparently, they are a rage). Pamper yourself with a face roller that you can use during your night skincare regime. It's super relaxing to use and massaging the face with it gives us calming feels. The pricing starts at INR 749. Read more here.

Ceramic Bowls From Kalimann Studio

The ceramic ware from Kalimann Studio is an epitome of great craftsmanship and creativity. Check out classy bowls, mugs, plates, teacups, kettles, etc from this brand. The brainchild of Kashmira Shreeram, Kalimann Studio is a homegrown store that has given stoneware and ceramic handicrafts a modern twist. Kalimann means 'play clay' in Tamil, so all their items are made of real, high-quality clay. The products are elegant and classy. A dinner plate starts at INR 700. Read more about the Pune studio here. For more ceramicware brands, click here. 

Bath Salts/ Foot Soak From Ahe Naturals

Ahe Naturals

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There's just something about bath salts that really gives self-love and care a whole new meaning. Ahe Naturals is one such brand that has amazing aromatherapy bath salts, especially the Minerale detox aromatherapy bath salts that are made using Himalayan crystal pink salt. Let them enjoy a luxury bath using these salts that will soothe sore muscles, boost sleep, detoxify skin and are a 100% natural. The packaging is super pretty and a jar costs about INR 1195. Read more about its products here

Vegan Sleeping Masks From Dot & Key

Dot & Key

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Dot & Key is an online vegan, cruelty-free, and natural skincare brand that has awesome sleeping face masks. Choose between skin plumping mask, glow vitamin C face mask, exfoliating mask and more with prices starting at INR 795. Their sleeping masks are especially known to have excellent healing properties. Free of any chemicals, leave them overnight and let your skin feel pampered. Read more about this brand here

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Hanging Planters From A Tiny Mistake

A Tiny Mistake

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This lifestyle brand has fabulous bespoke furniture, decor, and home accessories. But be sure to check out their hanging planters that will add positive vibes and zen to your space. Desk, wooden, hanging, and metal - these are the four kinds of planter types that they have starting INR 700. Feel the good vibes by making your home a greener space. Read more here

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Natural Wax Tablets From DOFT


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Candles and wax tablets are a great way to induce calm. So naturally, aromatherapy candles and fragrances are one of our favourite zen items. In that, we surely recommend you get DOFT's natural wax tablets with actual flower petals, spices, herbs, and extracts. Whether you are meditating or not, an aromatherapy session with this brand;'s candles and wax tablets will surely transport you to a state of calm and peace. Read more here

Cozy Lambar Pillows From the Velvet Box

The Velvet Box

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Relaxing and napping are the ultimate Zen. While doing so, why not take the help of cozy lumbar pillows and cushions? Enjoy these comfy lumbar pillows from The Velvet Box. Did you know, these pillows have the cutest of prints? From minimal graffiti to Aztec print, they look absolutely chic and are super comfy. You'll find it in macrame too! The prices start at INR 750. The products are available on Shop LBB and you can check out our recommendation here

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Wooden Charms Wall Hanging From The Craft Panda

The Craft Panda

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In 2020, we learnt to calm ourselves by turning our homes into zen sanctuaries. In that, the boho wall decor pieces from The Craft Panda have worked like a charm! You'll feel calm and happy by just looking at these beautiful designs. Don't just take our word for it. Get a wooden charm/tassel wall hanging from this brand (INR 799) and find out for yourself. Read more here.

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Wellness Tea Kits From Vahdam

Vahdam Teas

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All the 'tea'totalers out there, the wellness and natural teas from Vahdam are a class apart. We love how this homegrown brand procures tea directly from local plantations and tea growers from across the country. Vahdam also credits itself for being India's finest and with celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres declaring that these brews are her absolute favourite, do you need more reasons to get brewing with Vadham? Their green tea detox kit, turmeric tea kit or turmeric wellness kit will surely help you relax, give you ultimate calm and help you break free from stress. These teas are available on Shop LBB. Read the full piece here

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Biodegradable Yoga Mats From Yoga Essentials

2020 has also taught us to lead a mindful and conscious lifestyle. Yoga is one such practice that has gained immense popularity due to its health benefits and the calming effect it has had on our mind, body, and soul. Aside from good eating and practicing yoga, a mindful lifestyle also means getting rid of hazardous and inorganic things. Get biodegradable, eco-friendly yoga mats from Yoga Essentials, a brand known for its natural accessories. Yoga Essentials is winning for its recyclable mats made with organic material. Made using natural tree rubber, they're free from harmful chemicals and plastic that's found in PVC mats. They are available in vibrant colours, designs, and prints. Read our recommendation here.

Himalayan Salt Lamp From Shop LBB (Ashiana)


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There are a lot of benefits of having a pink Himalayan salt lamp by your bed-stand. We found Ashiana, a brand on Shop LBB that has them in beautiful and unique designs. Did you know salt lamps not only look stylish but also help in cleansing the air, boosting your immunity, soothing allergies, and also help in a good night's sleep? The brand has around 5 lamp designs. There is a Ganesha-shaped lamp, mushroom lamp, fire bowl lamp, round one, and a drop-shaped one. You can also buy these for festive gifting purposes. Shop for these lamps on LBB starting at INR 1800. Check out our full recommendation here

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Macreme Dreamcatcher By Le Songe

Le Songe

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Le Songe is an online brand that customises dreamcatchers and candles. Get their macrame dreamcatchers for your room that is in the shape of 'The Tree Of Life' symbol. Not only it is known for emitting positivity but also makes for a beautiful room decor piece. The prices start at INR 260 including shipping!

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