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Hey Girl! Planning A Solo Trip To Pondy? We’ve Just The Itinerary For You

Are you a single girl from the big, bad city looking to escape to Pondicherry for the weekend? If that’s a resounding ‘yes’ we hear, then, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve done half the work for you. Just a few hours from Bangalore, Pondicherry offers plenty for the wandering soul. The town is packed with history, offers fun activities, and great food. So, here’s an itinerary tailor-made for the single girl:  

All by yourself, the drive to Pondicherry might be a bit of a drag. So, book yourself you a berth on a train to the seaside town. There are only a couple of trains that ply to and fro from the city so make sure that you book well in advance. The train journey is pretty convenient since you can catch on a full night’s sleep and arrive in Pondy early in the morning, ready to rock your holiday. If the Pondy trip idea has germinated at the last minute, the bus is your best bet. RedBus offers plenty of options so all you need to do is a quick booking and show up at your pick up spot. Want to get there in a hurry? Then, SpiceJet offers flights too.

In Pondicherry, you can hire out bicycles and two-wheelers. Most hotels also offer taxi offers which is ideal if you want to stay away from the glaring sun.

A tourist favourite, Pondicherry has stay options for every kind of visiter. If your wallet is slim, then, the sea-facing Aadhar Guest House is a steal at just INR 800. The history buffs among you will love Patricia Guest House, a 200-year old villa at the heart of White Town. Villa Krish, Palais de Mahe, Villa Shanti and Maison Perumal make for excellent options when you want to kick back in style.

Spend a quiet morning just roaming the charming streets of White Town. You can gape at the lofty French-style edifices or take cute Insta selfies in front of buildings that are adorned with pink bougainvillea. To explore the town’s French heritage, you can also drop by the Pondicherry Museum that showcase artefacts from the bygone era. If you prefer to make a few friends while discovering Pondy, then, you can sign up for a cycle tour.

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