Work Meets Play, Podcasts & Pie At This Minimalist Cafe With Books & Brews Too

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What Makes It Awesome

Indiranagar's 100-Feet Road really did not need another cafe. But when we saw Paper & Pie, we had to rethink. After all, there isn’t another cafe in the hood that has a beautiful Japandi aesthetic, a dedicated podcast room, conference room, and workstations with charging points. So, we can agree that it was needed, right? Where paper meets pie and work meets play, bring it on! In fact, it's what we now call #PeakBengaluru! 

Designed to be a hybrid superlative cafe Paper & Pie is perfect for a quick coffee, catch up with a friend, or to work out of when WFH (or office) gets too boring. Thanks to the calm vibes, earthy tones and plants around the cafe, it’s rather an inspiring space too; just to think and shut out the rest of the world. And there are bookshelves dotting the space when the computer screen gets too intense.

Want an office but not office set up, sit at their community tables - perfect for brainstorming outside of a mundane cubicle. My personal favourite spot is on the first floor and has a comfy one-seater couch, a bookshelf within reach and a few potted plants around. I will fight you for the spot should we reach it at the same time.  

We’re still to do a proper run-through of the menu but we can report that the coffees did not disappoint. For nibbles, pick from cookies, bagels, croissants and a host of small plate offerings. If it’s something substantial you’re after, the pulled lamb burger, seared sea bass, roasted chicken, pizzas and other chef’s specials will keep you happy. Plus, there’s pancakes, smoothies and Akuri on toast for the all-day hunger pangs. 

Price: INR 1,000 upwards, for two. 


If you want to book out the conference room and the podcast room, you’ll need to do so in advance.