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Unwind At This Eco-Friendly Beach Resort 2 Hours Away From Chennai


Peeps, we found paradise, just two hours from Chennai! Take a break this summer at this sprawling eco-resort to relax and rejuvenate at – just before Pondicherry and starting at INR 3,500.

What Makes It Awesome

Imagine if there were 62 cottages, including villas to choose from in a single resort? Yes, that’s exactly what Dune Eco Village and Spa offers. The 32-acre resort has everything from huts to suites, each accommodation is different from the other and oh-so pretty too!

Set amidst lush greenery and right next to the beach, most of Dune’s accommodations are dominated by old-world traditional architecture. You’ll feel like a bit of Mahabalipuram was brought inside this Eco Village. To begin with, their most budget-friendly option is the Eco Hut. Starting at INR 3,500, with thatched roofs and wooden canopy beds, this breezy hut-style accommodation is all about natural cooling. Also, the Eco Huts are the most affordable ones that also come with private gardens and are quite close to their dreamy pool.

Dune’s swimming pool, reminding us of Bali infinity pools, is quite a picture-perfect spot. Their pool is located right next to the beach front, which means you can take a dip while ogling at the waves all day long.

From AC villas to grand suites and even two bedroom houses, Dune has it all. If you’re looking to surprise bae with a more romantic setup, their AC suites are the best (starting at INR 5,000). With glass walls, the suites are made up of vintage pillars and full of old world charm.

Moving on to the Luxury suites and Two Bedroom Houses, these are ideal when with the squad or the family. Also, if you’re in the mood to splurge that is. Most of these have private swimming pools and are an artist’s delight. The luxury suites are built up in studio style –  modern and quite fancy to be precise. But their two-bedroom cottages will blow your mind away. These Chettinad style houses have private gardens in the centre of the house and are gorgeous. But do note that most of these are priced at INR 12,000 and above.

The resort also has plenty of restaurants, healing centres, and recreational activities. They have a seafood cafe located right in front of their private beach, serving mouthwatering delicacies. You could also cycle around and indulge in some pottery if you’d like.


Also, before you head out of Dune, don’t forget to spot their famous vintage door by the beach. It’s right next to the pretty bougainvilleas by the coast.  Perfect for Instagram, we think.

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