LBB Recommends: 27 Stunning Boutique, Luxury Hotels & Stays Across India

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If you’re looking for a quick getaway, or even some time out from the city, but don’t want to be restricted to just another hotel, we’ve got you covered. You want something different with character and nuance, yes? Yes. Here is our pick of 15 boutique hotels across India, that might seem a bit indulgent, but are artfully designed with luxury accommodation, curated experiences and designed to give you more than just a bed and breakfast. Eco-friendly cottages in the deserts of Rajasthan, chalets in Srinagar and hidden villas in the Andaman Islands, check into the best boutique hotels in the country. 

The Johri In Jaipur

Set in Johri Bazaar, one of the most Jaipuri places in Jaipur, bustling with tourists and locals, exploring the jewellery shops, textile houses, and market in general, The Johri is a gateway to luxury. Done up in traditional Rajasthani architecture, with a courtyard, arches and jharokha partitions and windows, The Johri has just five suites to check into. But because it’s so small and intimate, you can always find a spot to chill out, be it a sofa set up with  Pichwai art as a backdrop, a Wes Anderson like corner with retro lights and pops of colours in the form of chairs, or the airy rooftop sit out. You can also rest assured that you will get top notch service at their vegetarian restaurant (that focuses on seasonal ingredients) and the cocktail bar. Unwind at their spa after soaking in the sights and sounds of Jaipur, before unwinding with a gin and tonic at dusk. We also hear they have a high-chai experience - their unique version of the high-tea. 

Price: INR 16,000 plus taxes, inclusive of breakfast (ask for it at the courtyard!)

LBB Tip: Pick a season when the prices are not higher than INR 16,000 as otherwise you might not find the place worth your while.

Indus River Camp In Leh

Few things are as gorgeous as a riverside resort. But when the river in question is the mighty Indus, and the resort the Indus River Camp, then expect things to go up a notch or two! Having visited this place, I can vouch for the stunning views that each of the rooms have. You won’t even need to step out of the cottages as they’re glass from ceiling to floor, and overlook the river. Perfect for privacy as the living quarters are at a distance from each other, you can pick from cottages, cabins and chalets that are made with mud bricks, wood and glass to really blend in with the environment. The camp is also not too far from Leh, as well as other sights and monasteries. We get that you’d want to relax on holiday, but do sign up for the morning Yoga and meditation sessions. Held by the riverside, it’s refreshing and there’s nothing like the crisp mountain air to give you that much needed hit of adrenaline! Of course, the morning view is only trumped by the stars in the night sky!

Price: INR 10,000 plus taxes 

LBB Tip: If you don’t do anything else, make sure you at least sign up for a rafting session on the Zanskar. There are different grades so don’t stress about it being too adventurous. Prices start at INR 1000 to INR 3,000 depending on duration. 

Sherbagh In Ranthambore

A haven for tiger enthusiasts, and those who love to unwind in the wilderness, Sherbagh gives you jungle camp vibes with luxury! Each of the 12 tents and suites are made with custom furniture, en suite bathrooms with a brass tub no less, plus that now-essential-in-jungle-resorts open stone shower. Since the tented cottages are made from class and canvas, you get the feel of adventure, and as if you’re smack in the forest. The private verandah makes it even better. The place is gorgeous by day, but with the pathways to the main reception area and dining space, dotted with little lanterns once the sun sets, the nights here are romantic too. The spa will add to your relaxation, but if you’re like us and love the water, the outdoor pool is inviting and you might not want to ever get out of it! Perhaps the call of the wild, in the form of a safari will lure you out though! 

Price: INR 49,000 plus taxes per night. 

LBB Tip: Make sure you book at least two safaris as there’s plenty to be seen in the Ranthambore Jungles including wild boar, deer, antelope, monkey, jackals, sloth bears and of course, tigers and leopards.

RAAS In Jodhpur

Like a scene straight out of the Game of Thrones, Raas is a fortress hotel in Jodhpur with winding passage ways, a stunning backdrop and the best view ever, we think. There are luxury rooms, each with a balcony for privacy and view. All in monochrome, the chic look is a fabulous contrast to the bright red sandstone jharokha windows and the Mehrangarh fort behind. If you’re the garden sort, there’s four garden rooms so you can set up a little Mad Hatter-style party there. Take things up a notch at the duplex-suites if you’re a group or family. If you want to truly splurge, check into one of three Heritage suites that come with massive bedrooms, and most importantly, a cast-iron bathtub and a view from the absolute top of the fort! Make time to gorge on Rajasthani specialities at Baradari, and to also wallow in the pool that is made from actual red sandstone. 

Price: INR 15,000 plus taxes upwards

LBB Tip: The hotel organises plenty of excursions including fort exploration, traditional folk dance performances and a desert safari too. 

Tikli Bottom In Gurgaon

A haveli-turned-guest house in Gurgaon, Tikli Bottom is an oasis away from the concrete jungle with lush lawns, the Aravali Hills for company, and a swimming pool smack in the middle of the property. It is a Lutyens-style four bedroom Indian haveli which for the uninitiated means the architecture is inspired by Edwin Lutyens and combines neo-Classical and Indian Mughal and Buddhist designs. The food is organic—grown on the property and cooked fresh and your personal quarters have dressing rooms and tubs too, for that extra pampering. They also offer massages and reflexology sessions at an extra cost. 

Price: INR 24,500 for two, exclusive of taxes but includes all meals and drinks too. 

LBB Tip: They also have the option of sleeping on a charpai under the stars, if you’re up for that! Don’t worry, they organise mosquito nets if you’re serious about this!

Palais De Mahe In Pondicherry

When in Pondicherry, you might as well live the way the French Colonials did — in a heritage house with palatial rooms. And Palais de Mahe is just that and more, with yellow and white walls, a courtyard with a swimming pool and great food too. Elegant and well-appointed, the rooms are cool, airy and traditional thanks to high ceilings and roof beams The four-poster beds that add a hint of romance and we recommend spending ample time in the bathtubs with a book in one hand and a glass of vino in the other! We tried. It’s worth it! They have two restaurants - a cool café, Earth Cafe, right by the pool takes care of your munchies. And Les Alizes, the proper restaurant, where we recommend fresh catch of the day, or Herb Crusted Pork. 

Price: INR 15,000 upwards, plus taxes.

LBB Tip: Don’t forget to sign up for heritage walks, or bicycle tours to explore Pondicherry here. Or, even cycle rickshaw rides. 

Woods At Sasan In Gir

Woods At Sasan is surrounded by lush mango orchards, just on the periphery of the Sasan Gir forest. Each of the living spaces - 38 in total, have floor-to-ceiling glass windows for stunning views of the surroundings, and thanks to the unpolished stone, use of wood and terracotta, this is luxury meets rustic at its finest. Each villa, studio or pavilion has its own little garden to relax in, while the options with terraces naturally give you a better view. For sheer indulgence, check into the Woods Pavillion. A two-storeyed stay, with a porch, private garden, an open rain shower, and a three-sided view of the property, it’s perfect to really zone out of the concrete jungle and check into…well, the real one! The Woods Villa is similar, but has three bedrooms, so great if you’re going with a larger group.

Indulge in diverse dining experiences, forage in the Edible Garden, and embark on a nature-immersive expedition like wildlife safaris, nature walks, fishing tea tales, and culture expeditions including an Ethnic Lunch in the jungle, village tours and a trip to Somnath. Additionally, Som Wellbeing offers best-in-class wellbeing experiences combining ancient Eastern healing practices from Ayurveda, yoga, and meditation to tai-chi, qi-gong, reiki, and sound healing. 

Price: INR 20,000

LBB Tip: Their spa, SOM, is incredible; offering Ayurvedic, and Vanaushadi (meaning from the forest) therapies, this is a wonderful option to get rid of aches, pains and rejuvenate. They also have a range of skincare products available for purchase at their spa which are ace. They have a private fishing experience by the river Heran, complete with high-tea and all. An absolute must-do.

House Of Rohet In Mihirgarh

An exclusive nine-suite hidden gem in the desert of Jodhpur, House Of Rohet, Mihirgarh is luxury and serenity rolled into one. The mini fortress imbibes the local architecture, thus making it an eco-friendly hotel as well. Think rounded edges, open fire places, little alcoves dotting the property and of course plenty of arches for the balmy winds to sweep through. The suites will make you not want to leave, but the private terraces, courtyards, plunge pools and Jacuzzis are as inviting, so make sure to explore too. When here, also make sure to notice the finer details and decor. They have all been designed for the hotel, by local artisans and craftspeople. Apart from al fresco dining, a dip in the gorgeous infinity pool that overlooks the unending desert, make sure you sign up for a picnic. They go all out and make it as regal as you’d expect in Rajasthan. No, really! It is a little camp with a luxurious tent and attendants will make sure the picnic by the lake will be the indulgence you need! 

Price: INR 40,000 per night

LBB Tip: If you’re into riding, then they have a fantastic equestrian program, with majestic horses of the Marwari breed, that will make sure it’s a ride to remember.  

Amrit Bhawan In Haridwar

Had enough of the city life, and want to just unwind by the river Ganga? Well then, do just that at the Amrit Bhawan boutique hotel in Haridwar. An imposing art deco building with rooms all uniquely designed and appointed, the river view one is the best. Expect constellations embossed in metal on the ceiling, rattan furniture and terrazzo tiles to kick it back really old-school and awesome. While you’ll probably be tempted to pick up a book and ready the weekend away - in the rooftop Jacuzzi no less, make a trip to the nearby markets or ask for a picnic hike to a neighbouring temple. 

Price: INR 12,000 upwards

LBB Tip: The thalis here are top notch, and you can get yourself snacks and even nourishing, organic packaged stuff to take back from Naashta, their in-house brand. Take home panjiri, Pisyu Loom, Pahari Namak, granola and more, if you really want the best of pure mountain ingredients. 

Qayaam Gah In Srinagar

At best of times Srinagar is a paradise, but then you throw in a stunning boutique property such as Qayaam Gah, and it only gets better. Set atop a secluded ridge with the Zabarwan Hills looming behind, it’s a resort where traditional and modern amenities meet. There are four luxury villas and three suites, dotting the lush fields. And with a bird’s eye view of the Dal Lake, you really just can’t help but melt into the environment. In true Kashmiri style, the cottages feature carpets, wood carvings and even the traditional wood burning stoves - Bukharis. Each has large balconies to sit at either with a cup of tea and a book, or for you to just gaze at the lake, house boats bobbing about in the distance. With bed tea, all meals (including high tea), 45-minute Yoga sessions in the morning, a trek through apple orchards and cherry ones, to a Sufi Shrine and the Rishi Village, this one is definitely worth it. Plus, it’s not too expensive for the gorgeous property it is. 

Price: INR 48,000 for two, for two nights at the suites, and INR 58,000 for two, for two nights in the villas. 

LBB Tip: Since this one is a new property, do expect some teething issues. Nothing too troublesome, but anyway the rooms and views are so lovely, you’ll forget the little niggles!

Jalakara Boutique Hotel In The Andaman Islands

What happens when you merge the best of a villa with the best of a boutique hotel? You get Jalakara, a private boutique villa hotel in the Andamans! With just three rooms, three suites and a private villa, this one is off the grid, and we love that! In fact, guests are encouraged to unplug and just enjoy the space, lounge in the pool or enjoy a pot of freshly brewed coffee at the main villa. Don’t go here if you want in-room WiFi and televisions. They have a designated space for that, don’t spoil it! Go here only if you’re up a raw luxury which includes tropical forests, untouched beaches and an infinity swimming pool that is lined with Italian mosaic tiles and Indian granite to filter the water, naturally. Overlooking the banana and betel nut plantations on which the property is built, it’s my top favourite at this hotel. 

Price: INR 18,000 plus taxes.

LBB Tip: While you will probably go snorkelling or scuba diving, make time also for a massage in the beautiful spa. We hear the deep tissue massage is their finest. And the food, of the food is something to look forward to, especially the owner, British chef Marko Hill, at the helm.

Ahilya By The Sea In Goa

Remember the fancy house in Deepika Padukone-starrer Gehraiyaan? Well, Ahilya By The Sea in Nerul, is that house, except it is a boutique hotel with two beautiful swimming pools, a spa, three independent villas, a gorgeous treehouse with magnificent views. Any image you post from here, will no doubt get you plenty of likes. If you manage to stop staring into the horizon, then the food at The Ahilya, especially the fish, is well worth the stay. But then again, the rooms,  The Leela, Sunset, Sunrise villas which you can either book out entirely, or just book a room at, are very inviting to, and done so tastefully, you’ll be inspired to redo your own house! 

Price:  INR 15,000 per room, upwards

LBB Tip: For a stellar experience, check into Arjun's Tree House that is set atop a two-century old Banyan tree and even has its own treetop terrace! 

Nirvaana Resort In Kovalam

If you remember Visaya House in Kovalam, then Nirvaana Resort is a solid upgrade to an already lovely property. A five-bedroom villa, that literally sits on the cliff overlooking the Arabian Sea, just like Tony Stark’s home! Naturally there’s an infinity pool for you to lounge at with a coffee, Martini or G&T, just gazing into the horizon. While it’s a single villa, there’s plenty of room to have your privacy too. Since it’s got various levels, decks and cosy sit outs, hangout anywhere you please. There’s also a great music system and light system that can turn the whole place into a funky lounge bar, or keep it simple with lo-fi beats and mood lighting. Food is made in-house, and can be had at the long, family table by the pool. Make sure to try out Kerala food. The shrimp here is meant to be great! 

Price: INR 7,000 per bedroom, per night. Booking for multiple nights and rooms will make sense here. 

LBB Tip: Appams with mutton or vegetable stew, the Kerala fish curry and prawn biryani are absolute must haves here! 

Eighth Bastion In Cochin

A boutique hotel, hidden in the Dutch Quarters of Cochin, Eighth Bastion has only 19 rooms. But each of the rooms comes with a distinct and unique feature. One might come with a secret garden near the bathroom, another will have a rain shower, some with verandahs and others with old school sunken tubs. But all have one common feature — they all have some outdoor space to enjoy the Malabar weather! The entire bungalow’s frame has been retained since the 1800s, with quirky touches for a blast from the past. Think retro touches in the form of railings, tiled roofs and replicas of furniture used on Dutch sail boats. In the courtyard of the hotel, the pool is somewhat an infinity pool, with a restaurant just beside it. Meals here are quite a treat, though service is a bit slow. Serving a mix of Indian, Asian and global food, East Indies is known for fusion fare. From a fine creme brulee and a mean (meen!) Kerala fish curry to Indonesian pork and Travancore fish, they’ll woo you with food.

Price: INR 7,000 plus taxes, per night. 

LBB Tip: The hotel has bikes you could borrow to weave around the city. The one thing I highly recommend you check out is the David Hall — a gallery cafe by the same folks of the hotel. Serving coffee, pizza and dollops of amazing art, the restored house is actually the home of civil and military commander David Hall. Simply put, it’s gorgeous, and a real page out of history.

Read more here

The Bungalow On The Beach In Tranquebar

A beachside property, in Tranquebar, that was once the home of high-ranking Danish admirals, today is a stunning white-washed bungalow, with a striking red-tile roof. With long verandahs, columns to remind you of its colonial past, and rooms named after Danish ships, it’s quite a lesson in history. That is until you check into the rooms which look and feel regal. While they look like a blast from the past, the eight rooms each have a better view out of the window…the vast, blue Bay Of Bengal. Especially the rooms named Prince Christian and Crown Prince of Denmark. The swimming pool is functional again, and is a fantastic spot to look at the sea and horizon. 

Price: INR 7,500 upwards

LBB Tip: Unfortunately, the beach is a let down in itself. And though it is tempting to wander to the sea, it's rather messy and dirty. So, watch from a distance and inside the property! 

Blue Book Hotels In Nainital

Blue Book Hotels Nainital property is an old villa in Gethia, restored into a beautiful boutique hotel. Steeped in culture and old world charm, this is the perfect place to go to if quaint, disconnected villas are your idea of a perfect vacation. Enjoy authentic Kumaoni cuisine here as the entire staff is all local. Best part? You can have your morning breakfasts overlooking the clouds and hills in their garden.

Price: INR 9,000 per night onwards

Seclude Shimla

Seclude is the perfect destination for those who like to go to vacations in big groups. With six rooms, this is the perfect place to gather your entire gang and relive the nostalgia of visiting everyone's favourite hill station - Shimla. Seclude overlooks beautiful views of the valley from their lush green gardens, and the interiors are rich and beautiful too.

Price: INR 7,000 per night onwards

360 South In Lonavala

A quick getaway from city is just what you need, especially now that it's almost time for the perfect Lonavala weather. Spacious rooms, a pool, and a huge terrace to soak in the views and the weather, 360 South is the perfect space for a weekend trip.

Price: INR 8,000 per night onwards

Amalia by Tellado in Goa

Everyone has their own way of experiencing Goa, and we think all of those ways are valid. But there's something so unique and satisfying about finding a quiet, old timey villa with a pool and a garden for all your lazy days to be spent in. Amalia by Tellado is just that, and it just so happens that Assagao is our favourite, quiet neighbourhood in Goa to be in and pretend we live there. The villa can house 12 guests, so it's good to fit your entire gang.

Price: INR 60,000 per night

Jasminn In Goa

Poolside chilling in a quiet hotel in South Goa, with authentic Goan food and a pint of beer within arm's length — if this sounds like your version of bliss, then check in to Jasminn. The hotel is located in the quaint village of Betalbatim and is only a mile away from Colva beach, which is one of those spots where the pictures fail to do justice to what the eyes can see.

Price: INR 3,500 per night onwards

De Garland In Palolem

This boutique hotel is perfect for those who look for a complete experience at their place of stay when on vacation. The property has a pool, a restaurant and bar called Nadora, and they even host live music events in-house. Palolem is the perfect destination in Goa for those who like to be surrounded by the grounging sounds of nature, as it is surrounded by not only a beach, but also a wildlife sanctuary, and even an island nearby!

The Yellow House In Goa

Within the lively and bustling neighbourhood of Anjuna in Goa, lies a sanctuary for those who like to balance the party in their life with palm trees, poolside lounges, and beautiful lawns. The Yellow House is picturesque, and the views from the rooms will make you feel you're far away from the city's centre. Ozran beach is a hop and skip away — so it's the best of both worlds, really.

Price: INR 12,000 onwards


We've been crushing on the curation of homes at Hush Stays for a while now. They're so true to the name — stays in locations where everything is quiet, and you can hear the sound of your brain finally making sense. The best part is that even thought the homes are in remote locations that you probably wouldn't have heard of, they're done up very well and you can enjoy both nature and relaxation. They have a beautiful collection of listings, but our favourites are their properties in Bhimtal, Satoli, Chalnichhina, and Amola.

Soulitude By Riverside In Nainital

Soulitude is a Colonial-era villa near Nainital, in which each balcony offers panoramic views of the Himalayas. Really, it feels like if you reach out a little, you could touch them. Their rooms have the character only time can add to a place, and the living room has a fireplace to gather up in front of and have long nights full of conversations, card games, and music.

Price: INR 17,000 per night and onwards

The Kumaon, Binsar

The Kumaon is a private sanctuary located in the heart of the Himalayas, overlooking the breathtaking Nanda Devi Range. The property offers a spa, library and a cantilevered dining area, serving a mix of Kumaoni and international cuisines, made from produce procured from the farms nearby. The hidden waterfalls, terraced farms, and medieval stone temples are few of the many charms that this place has. They also provide full-day excursions and itineraries that are tailor-made to your interests and vacation goals. Away from all the hustle and bustle of city life, indulge yourself in magnificent views and fun activities, and recharge your body and soul. The hospitality of lovely Kumaoni locals will definitely make your visit one of a kind.

Kaner Bagh, Udaipur

With a perfect location in the city of lakes, Kaner Bagh is one of the most luxurious hotels of Udaipur. The place offers a wide range of amenities, with a unique blend of culture, tradition and modernism. The property has a rooftop restaurant serving scrumptious delicacies, it supports the locals and was built with a goal of reviving and preserving the region's legacy. From Rajputana-style furniture to spectacular views all around, this property is an absolute beauty that will provide the perfect stay as well as will help you to blend in the city’s colours with more ease.

Seclude, Kerala

If sipping cocktails while watching the perfect purple-pink sunset is your jam, or attending traditional ‘Sandhya’ is on the wishlist, Seclude Kerala is the place for you to rejuvenate, recharge and relax. The boutique property is just an hour drive away from Kochi, consisting of 13 unique rooms, all with a notable Kerala touch and vibrancy . 

The open-air dining area, led by stone paths serves authentic Kerala cuisine, with the background of waves leaving the shore. The property also offers an array of experiences that includes picnics, competitive volleyball matches, yoga sessions, and rejuvenating massages. They also have special local social activities where they open the resort for all during the evenings. From Shikara rides to pool parties, this place has something for every kind of traveller.

This list has been curated based on experiences of the LBB Crew, LBB Insiders and user reviews, and therefore might be subjective. If we've left out any of your favourites, leave us a note in the comments section!