10 Best New Strobing Products To Add Shine To Your Look

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We aren’t quite new to the idea of strobing—I mean, remember the several headlines that read “strobing is now the new contouring”?

So, what is strobing? It’s a technique that involves adding highlights to the areas of your face where light would actually hit. It’s simple to do, creates a natural look, and requires way less skill than contouring does. The point of this makeup technique is to create that au naturale ‘I don’t sweat, I glow’ look, which is something almost every girl would love to achieve {or something every lazy girl would love to achieve}.

Move over contouring, we don’t need you anymore…if you’re looking for a little bit of the natural shimmer and glow, strobing is something you have to give a try. With the fun party season picking up already, highlighters and illuminators should undoubtedly be your best friend!

We’ve curated the best strobing kits, highlighting palettes and illuminating creams to help you get that natural shimmer so that it looks like the light is hitting your face oh-so-perfectly!

Photos source: Thehauterfly