Love Hand-Painted Footwear? Check Out These 10 Options With Panda, Pizza & More Prints

There's something about hand-painted products.. the rawness, the personal humane touch, and the fact that no two pieces will be exactly alike, that make us love them even more. If like us, you're a fan of all things hand-painted, you have to check out the collection of hand-painted footwear on LBB. 

We're eyeing a lot of options here but have picked the 10 best-selling footwear options from the lot for you. 

Panda Kolhapuris

A panda person for life? These adorable kolhapuris will rock your world. 

Price: INR 679

Asymmetrical Print Canvas Shoes

Converse-style shoes never go out of style and if you get them in cool prints like this one with colourful asymmetrical prints, it's really hard to say no. Add some spunk to your look with this fun and vibrant pair.  

Watermelon Leather Juttis

We're sort of done with the boring ol' desi juttis and if you are too, do check out The Haelli's stuff. They've got the coolest leather juttis with prints of bees, pandas and our favourite, the watermelon print one. Also, look at their impeccable detailing!

Comic Design Canvas Shoes

This pair looks every bit like a comic book, only better, because you can wear it around. Also, these are super comfortable and unisex too. So, in case you and bae were planning to get a matching pair of shoes, we'd definitely recommend this. 

Pug Kolhapuris

Did you ever think that you'd find a pair of kolhapuris with adorable pugs on them? Good for you because Chokhaa's selling them on LBB and can even deliver the same to your doorstep. God bless technology (and Chokhaa and us?)! But on a serious note, we really do love the detailed prints on these kolhapuris. 

Red Pizza Sneakers

Pizza > People any day? Then, why not wear your love for pizza on your sleeve.. erm feet? These sneakers also make for the perfect gift for all your pizza-loving friends. 

Dessert Sneakers

Can't get enough of desserts? You'll love this sweet pair of sneakers that comes with cupcake and donut prints. Also, there's something highly soothing about this sneaker's lightest of blue shades. Combined with dessert prints, it's just the perfect combination. 

Burger & Fries Sneakers

If you're someone who ends up getting their shoes dirty as soon as you get out of the house, this black pair is perfect for you. Plus, they're not your boring black sneakers but come with burger and fries prints too. Get your pronto.