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10 Rain-Friendly Shoes That Are The Perfect Monsoon Fit

Hauterfly posted on 03 July

The monsoons are here and how. Nothing feels worse than accidentally stepping into a massive puddle or having a second shower when a car runs over a road doused in water and you end up being a soggy toast at the end of the day {or the start…the rain doesn’t care for your plans}.

Walking around with waterlogged shoes that may pretty much fall apart {thanks to the sogginess} isn’t feasible during this season. You are going to need something that is sustainable as the rains get harsher and of course, is stylish.

Taking forward the concept of the classic rubber chappals during the monsoons, here are ten rain-friendly shoes to up your style game this season while keeping your feet dry. Practical and totally weather appropriate, slip your feet into any of these babies and you won’t really regret stepping into that pool of muck.