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10 Things We’re Loving {And Buying} At Indian Shelf

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    From gorgeous lamps to quirky door knobs, rich glass bottles to singing bowls, decorate your house with all things pretty from Indian Shelf. Here are 10 things we absolutely fell in love with.

    Ceiling Lamp

    This royal white and gold ceiling lamp made of glass and metal, adorned with stones, can make anybody’s place look mystical. Feeling a bit regal this evening? Turn on this light.

    Price: INR 4,240

    Buy it online here.

    Heart-Shaped Doorknobs

    So what if you’re not locked in a heart-shaped box like Kurt Cobain was, there’s always heart-shaped doorknobs to hang by. Gift it to your better half, it’s totally okay to be cliche once in a while.

    Price: INR 75

    Buy it online here.

    Goblet Glass Bottle

    Whether you want to use this as a decorative piece in your living room, be shmancy and drink water out of it, store alcohol in it, or even use it as a spa bottle, this glass bottle thing can make life prettier.

    Price: INR 400

    Buy it online here.

    Vintage Nut Cracker

    You might not want to crack open a nut every other day, but you never know when you might need it. And besides, with a vintage brass one like this, how do we even say no? We’ll put it right on the sideboard.

    Price: INR 2,000

    Buy it online here.

    Fish Printing Block

    If you’re the artsy kinds, and D.I.Y. is totally your thing, doing some artwork with this fish-print block can be absolutely therapeutic.

    Price: INR 918

    Buy it online here.

    Solid Metal Table Lamp

    This gorgeous lamp is a vintage dream for anyone obsessed with old-school decor. With dim, mellow lighting, this delicate lamp is a peaceful addition to your home.

    Price: INR 12,500

    Buy it online here.

    Mirror Photo Frame

    This venerable wooden photo frame in a magical blue can give that old photograph a classic touch.

    Price: INR 550

    Buy it online here.

    Red Handmade Designer Notebook

    Thinking of writing in a journal? Begin now with this happy diary made of handmade paper.

    Price: INR 300

    Buy it online here.

    Bicycle Flat Hook

    Hang your bicycle keys on this funky hook and be hipster cool. We’re even thinking of buying this for our office.

    Price: INR 200

    Buy it online here.

    Singing Bowl

    Calm your senses with the soothing sound of the singing bowl, hand-made with bell metal. If you already practice yoga, this is perfect. If you don’t, this is a great way to start!

    Price: INR 2,436

    Buy it online here.

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