Ten-Second Takeaway

It’s not everyday that you can try 12 to 13 different types of ilish recipes, especially in a landlocked city like Delhi. Bong Appetit and chef Sambaran Mitra {chef Baron} brings you exactly that, and a whiff of homely Calcutta to you.

Chow Down

Hilsa In Mustard {Shorshe Ilish}, Hilsa Egg Chutney {Ilish Dimer Tok}

Sip On

Chilly Cin Cin, Green Mango Zinger

Winning For

Their twist on the desserts and the little washbasin in the room, reminiscent of small Calcuttan restaurants.

What’s On The Menu?

Photo: Navni Kumar/LBB

Photo: Navni Kumar/LBB

We could go on and on about all 13 of the specialities that we tried, but let’s start with the simplest and the only vegetarian item of the evening: Pumpkin Fritters {or kumro bhaja, as we call them back home}. After devouring a bowlful of that, we dipped our fingers into the hot rice and Bhapa Ilish {steamed hilsa}, Doi Ilish {Hilsa in Yoghurt} and the deliciously spicy Ilish Tel Jhol {fried hilsa}.

The thing about Fried Hilsa is that you have to mix the rice in with the oil, mash a little green chilli, add some salt and finish an entire course, but we had a mission to fulfil. We would definitely recommend the Steamed Hilsa for those who love their shorshe {white mustard}.

Photo source: Urvee Modwel/LBB

Photo source: Urvee Modwel/LBB

The next set brought out the Hilsa With Eggplant, Cauliflower Hilsa {Ilish Fulkopir Jhol} and two chutneys: Dimer Tok and Aam Ilish {hilsa In mango chutney}. A patented dish in Bengali households, the Ilish Fulkopir Jhol is just the thing you need for a bellyful of rice and a deep afternoon siesta.

We were also more than surprised with the perfectly done Hilsa Eggs In Tamarind Sauce {something that I tried for the first time}.

My personal favourites were the rich Shorshe Ilish, the Paturi {Hilsa baked in a banana leaf} and chef Baron’s Smoked Whole Hilsa, that comes with fries! The best part about the whole affair is that most of the dishes are available with and without bones. So, non-bongs: You’re more than welcome.

So, We’re Thinking…

After you try all of their beautifully done fishy business, we would definitely want a bit of the Nolen Gurer Ice-cream {ice-cream with date jaggery}. The drinks are also quite a surprising affair with a wonderful Green Mango Zinger, if you’re leaning that way.

When: Aug 23 – Sep 30

Featured photo: Urvee Modwel/LBB