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Celebrate With Burgers & Fries: 18 McDonald's Outlets Have Re-Opened In The City

    Good news Delhites!

    The Connaught Plaza Restuarants Ltd. {CPRL} has declared that 21 of the 43 shut-down McDonald’s outlets should be re-opened. As of today, 18 outlets have already resumed operations after they received their health licenses. CPRL declared that this decision was taken keeping in mind the best interest of the employees, landlords and all the stakeholders.

    However, McDonald’s India claims that after the termination of the franchise agreement with CPRL {responsible for operations of McDonald’s outlets in North & East India}, the latter cannot legally run McDonald’s outlets. While the fate of the US franchise and its employees in Delhi remains uncertain, one can only hope that an outcome in the best interest of all the concerned parties is derived.

    Till then, we suggest that you seek comfort in the good ol’ McChicken, perfectly salted crispy fries and fountain Coke.

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