3 Awesome Dessert Pit Stops In SDA Market

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Ten-Second Takeaway

We took a trip to SDA Market the other day to see what lies in store as far as satiating sweet cravings is concerned. Here are three pastry shops we did not regret cheating on our diet at.


Azote, a nitro-ice-cream and French-patisserie haven, is situated bang in the middle of SDA market. The place will lure you with it’s very fancy neon setting.

They create their own nitro ice cream by rapidly freezing the fat and water particles in order to make it creamier, and it’s blissful. They also have an awesome selection of cakes and pastries, the must-tries being tiramisu in a jar and red velvet cake.


The oldest bakery in SDA, Rainbows has been around for over a decade. They started with a restaurant-cum-bakery setting, but slowly recognised their potential as just a bakery. Their must haves are their gum balls and chocolate eclairs.