This Place Has 30 Types Of Tea To Warm You Up This Winter

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Come for the food, but stay for the tea! Burma Burma’s fine collection of brews are perfect to sit back and slowly savour this season of chill.

Herbal Wonders

The Oolong range is a great one to pick from if you want something more robust than the usual green, but not as intense as a classic black. Our choice here would be the Ginseng Oolong- a perfect symphony of the sweetness of the Oolong, and just that slight tartness of the Ginseng. For a more elaborate treat, we recommend the Holy Detox- a smooth blend of holy basil, spearmint, rose hips and lemon myrtle- this is like a relaxing balm for the soul.

Fruit, Flower and Spice

Spice is just so nice in this weather- specially when it gangs up with fruity notes for a most unusual symphony- as is the case with the Chilli Romance- which balances the heat from peppercorns and ginger with the tartness of strawberries and raspberries. For a fully floral fiesta- go for the Double Flower Happiness. This aromatic gentle number contains the aroma of chrysanthemum, amaranth globe and jasmine, and tastes as divine as it looks. For a totally offbeat tea experience, pick the Bubble Tea- cold, flavourful and full of large, chewy sago balls- this is one fun drink!

Perfect Pairings

What’s a good cuppa without something special to nibble on while you sip on it? The gentle and mild Sencha is perfect to complement the Baos and even the main curries, while the more delicate White teas work beautifully along with the fresh and light salads {the white fungus one is our current favourite}. If it’s a black you’re brewing though, we suggest you cut the intensity with the addictive Lotus Stem Crisps. And pick a spice laden brew to hook up with your dessert- the perfect ending to a warm evening.

So, We're Saying...

With tea drinking being a fine ritual here, Burma Burma is the perfect place to cosy up with a warming cup of brew.


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