4 Graphic Novels Set In Delhi That You Have to Read

    We’re big fans of the graphic novel art form. At first, this eagerness came from a love of comic books at a young age, but as time passed we came to appreciate the medium’s ability to tell a story like no other.

    To celebrate the form, and our city, we looked at four graphic novels based in, and celebrating, Delhi.


    Touted as one of India’s first graphic novels {though that honour actually goes to Orijit Sen’s work River of Stories}, Corridor is a charming, bawdy story about a chai-wallah in Lutyens’ Delhi, and his interactions with other distinctive customers. Written and illustrated by Sarnath Banerjee, Corridor, via its characters, explores the fragmented {and often lonely} lives of so many urban city dwellers.

    Where: Order it online here.

    Price: INR 253

    Published: 2004

    Delhi Calm

    Delhi Calm is a stunning, aesthetically riveting, reimagining of the 1975 Emergency. The work of Vishwajyoti Ghosh vividly and uniquely paints a picture of one of India’s most chaotic and politically charged periods, and is a must read for anyone too young to truly grasp the Emergency and its effects.

    The toned down style, use of redacted lines and bleeps {to seem like it was actually censored} and clever reconfiguring and analogising of names makes Delhi Calm a book you just don’t want to put down.

    Where: Order it online here.

    Price: INR 384

    Published: 2010

    All Quiet in Vikaspuri

    Another Sarnath Banerjee book, All Quiet in Vikaspuri is perhaps not as strong a graphic novel as Corridor, but it is very intrinsically Delhi. Focusing on the not-too-distant dystopian future where water is the most precious commodity of all, the graphic novel depicts the water wars between rival neighbourhoods in the city. An interesting twist on our all too real water shortage, All Quiet in Vikaspuri has action, spy-like suspense and a journey to find the legendary Sarasvati river.

    Where: Order it online here.

    Price: INR 679

    Published: 2015

    Delhi on the Road

    While not exactly a graphic novel per say we felt we must include Supriya Sahai’s gorgeous book Delhi on the Road. The book is a collection of sketches, and snapshot moments, from across the capital. Almost a cross between a tour guide, historical monument portraiture and classic post card scenes, this charming visual diary is perfect to slowly flip through.

    Where: Order it online here.

    Price: INR 201

    Published: 2010

    Heard of any others? Let us know in the comments.