40 Types Of Momos & Home Delivery Till 1AM: D'Momo Factory's Doing Everything Right

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No greater love than your love for momos? This Amar Colony eatery that does 40+ varieties of momo including Pasta, Schezwan, Tandoori Malai and even Prawn Momo will now be your new found love. Oh and they deliver till 1am.

Enter Momo-sapien Paradise

Delhites seem to love their momos best, which is why you can find a momowallah at the end of every street doing brisk business. But once in a while we also like to experiment with our good ol’ momo, so when we come across an eatery that does 40+ varieties of the same, we cannot help but happy dance our way to Amar Colony that’s slowly becoming the city’s momo hub with the likes of Hunger Strike, Dolma Aunty’s momo in the vicinity and now, D’Momo Factory.

D’Momo Factory has been around for quite some time and we’re a little guilty of not discovering this gem any sooner. It’s a tiny corridor-wide eatery that offers soups, different varieties of noodles, gravies, regular pastas, pizzas and more but it’s the momo here that we can’t stop raving about.

True to its name, D’Momo Factory really does serve up plates after plates of piping hot, juicy momos in so many varieties that calling one spoilt for choice here would perhaps, be an understatement.

To help you narrow down from the multiple options, we say – try their Prawn Har Gow Momo because well, prawns. It tastes fresh, oh-so yum, is filling, plus, you don’t find eateries serving prawn momo everyday right? Some other popular favourites here are the Pazzta Chicken Momo, the Spinach & Corn Momo, Schezwan Momo and they even offer Wheat Momo {for momo-binging minus the guilt!}. In case you want to try a bit of errrything, order their momo platter with options like Oriental Veg, Paneer/Chicken Tikka, Whole Wheat and more.

So, We're Saying..

They also deliver within a 10 mile radius of Amar Colony and till 1am, so in case you’re planning on throwing a momo party, ensure that it’s lit by ordering in from D’Momo Factory. They’re launching their new menu this Saturday, time for momo meet-up with friends here maybe?