5 Delicious Kashmiri Dishes We Ought to be Thankful For

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While our team was discussing {or arguing about} their favourite cuisine and flavours at work, someone mentioned Kashmiri. While some of us nodded appreciatively, others admitted not having tried too many dishes.

Upon hearing this, we decided to ask our resident Kashmiri food expert to give us five must try Wazwan dishes. Here’s what he said.

Rogan Josh

You don’t have to be Kashmiri to know about this delicious tender lamb curry. One of the signature dishes from our northernmost state, Rogan Josh is cooked in a medley of Kashmiri spices and has a strong, unmistakable aroma.


Gushtaba is basically minced mutton balls cooked in dahi and spices. A traditional Kashmiri curry served at functions and ceremonies, the succulent, boneless mutton is eaten {as with most Kashmiri food} with rice.


Mutton balls cooked with red chilli powder, Rista is another time-honoured dish on the Wazwan menu. The dish takes time to prepare but if you have the patience then the flavourful punch you get with every bite is well worth the effort.

Dum Aloo

Another dish that is well known outside of Kashmir is Dum Aloo and you’re likely to have eaten it at many functions, weddings and events {though sometimes with a Punjabi twist}. The potatoes are first deep-fried, and then cooked for a long period over a flame, to absorb all the spices and flavours of the curry.

Psst, for an authentic Kashmiri Dum Aloo recipe, click here.

Aab Gosht

A famous milk-based curry is Aab Gosht, which is cooked in spices and ghee over a low flame. This delicate dish has lamb ribs as the main meat component and showcases most greatly the Persian influence on Wazwan cuisine.

A special mention must go to Kashmiri Kahwah {we had some at Dilli Haat, and it was fabulous}, a green tea with dry fruits and a strong aroma, and Noon Chai, the famous pink tea made with a pinch of salt.

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