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Here Are The 5 Most Interesting Breads That G-Town Has For You


    Multi-grain and oatmeal are passé- and the inventiveness in the bakery just hit new levels. For loaf lovers, we present our quick list of unusual breads that will give you new ways to relish this humble staple.

    The Rye Bread With Prunes And Hazelnut At The Artful Baker

    The Artful Baker

    DLF Phase - 3, Gurgaon

    Upping our bread game with finely crafted doughy wonders, The Artful Baker takes gourmet loaves to new heights. Our pick from their collection, the sensational Rye bread {darker, denser and healthier than white bread!} packed with hazelnuts and prunes that is great with a spot of butter, but even better with poached eggs, smoked salmon and cream cheese!

    The Brioche At Madison & Pike

    Madison & Pike

    Sector 50, Gurgaon

    The Brioche is a French bread with a tender crumb that is perhaps the best way to start your morning! Melt in the mouth when paired with your coffee, but also stellar to whip up indulgent sweet or savoury French toast, this delicious treat is made to order at Madison & Pike.

    The Masala Garland At Binge


    DLF Phase - 1, Gurgaon

    If desi is how you dress your baked goods, then the Masala Garland from Binge should be your secret comfort snack. Soft, cheesy and packed with the unexpected kick of spice, this one is great to pair with runny scrambled eggs, a comforting chicken soup, or even as a midnight cheat eat.

    The Gaev Chot At Matamaal


    Sector 24, Gurgaon

    Who says only the west can do bread? The Kashmiris have a fine tradition of breads, traversing the sweet to the savoury, and from breakfast to dinner, and everything in between. The one we cannot get enough of is the Gaev Chot at Matamaal, a soft, savoury and a hearty treat that is divine when dunked in some hot and fiery Rogan Josh.

    The Chicken Sausage Bun At Sibang Bakery

    Sibang Bakery

    Sector 53, Gurgaon

    Home to the airiest cakes and the lightest pies, Sibang has been wowing us with their baked treats, but is also a great place to score some daily bread. Our pick for a bit of a meaty start to your day is the finely crafted Chicken Sausage Bun- quite the breakfast on the go, and great with a splash of mustard.