Places To Source Pure Milk From

Rahul posted on 13 February

If you’ve been to The Coffee Bond, you know we take organic food seriously. These are some of the places we look to for pure organic milk.

O’Leche Dairy Farms

This lies in the outskirts of Delhi. O’Leche Dairy Farms are providing ecologically sustainable, cruelty-free, chemical-free milk. This comes with a fair amount of malai which you can choose to remove. We say, leave it- gives it a delish creamy taste.

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Back 2 Basics

It’s an A2 milk producing firm situated in Gurgaon. Their objective is also to improve and increase the number of Gir cows in the northern region. They grow their own green fodder and make their own bio pesticides, ensuring a healthy diet for the cows, who in turn produce rich, healthy milk.

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4S Foods

100 per cent pure cow milk and farm-fresh, 4S stands for Swach Shudh Sampurna Sehat. They deliver their milk in one litre glass bottles that you can re-use.

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Farrmery too does some stellar organic pure cow milk and they make it super easy for you to order through their website, their Android app or even WhatsApp.Find out more here.

Dairy Farms