What is The Coalition?

Think of The Coalition as a sort of boot camp where some of the biggest, most established brands and individuals carry out panel discussions and give talks about turning ideas into businesses. Everything from content creation to music to design, and media is covered.

Plus? You can take a whole bunch of workshops to walk away with some real skills.

We’ve picked out a few talks and workshops we’re definitely going to try and make it for.

Friday Talks

Do Over: Reinventing Yourself Online

11081079_682919415163936_6958330801445237407_nOne of the talks that focuses largely on content creation, this one has Baba Sehgal and Tanmay Bhat {from AIB} discussing the shift in relevant platforms with the advent of social media.

Those who found fame involved in traditional platforms must re-package their brand and milk social media for the reach it can provide. How? Attend to find out.

Women in F&B

Most industries {even in this day and age} are male-dominated; food & beverage aren’t exceptions to the rule, but five women have waded through the waters to make their mark. Naina De Bois-Juzan, Kainaz Contractor, Shobita Kadan and Pooja Dhingra talk to Deepali Gupta about their journeys. The hits, the misses and the taste of it all.

Fashionable Alternatives

In conversation with Nidhi Jacob, the likes of Elton Fernandez, Maithili Ahluwalia and Vandana Verma discuss the individuals and the tools they use to dress up fashion. Whether it’s style and make-up or photography and models, what is the real value of each?

We’re saying attend this one for an increased insight into the behind-the-scenes of the fashion world.

Music: Breaking Through

10155286_485794154876464_448680163_n copyWho’s behind the music? Sumit Bothra, Stephen Budd, Josh Javor, Sonya Mazumdar, Dev Bhatia and Laura Taylor talk about what role they play in planning and launching an artist’s career. Plus? How they can help artists emerge in territories beyond the country. Moderated by Gaurav Vaz, this promises to be an eye-opener.

Saturday Talks

Profit with Purpose

In today’s day and age, it’s just as important for a business to have a social focus as it is for it to make money. This is across fields, whether it’s finance, fashion or technology, but this talk asks {and addresses} the age-old question, ‘What’s the balance between the social purpose and remaining relevant in a competitive market and more importantly, can it be achieved?’

Jane Mason, Kunal Shah, Prukalpa Sankar and Shyam Sukhramani talk to Roshan Abbas about the same.

When: 4 – 6 March

Where: Talkatora Stadium, Talkatora Garden, President’s Estate {on Sat and Sun; for Friday’s sessions, take a look here.}

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