5 Bizarre Things You’ll Only See in Dubai

    Namrata posted on 14 April

    Whoever said money can’t buy happiness has clearly never been to Dubai. From the largest ice rink in the world to ATMs that spew gold bars, here are some insane things you’ll only find in the bling capital of the Middle East.

    Gold To Go—The Gold ATM Machine

    Money isn’t the only thing you can expect from a vending machine in Dubai. From the ATMs known to push out some unbelievable items like laptops and beauty products, you can also get some good old gold. Found in Bhurj Khalifa, these ATMs will provide you with a variety of it, too—from 24-karat gold coins to gold jewellery to even solid gold bars! And not to worry—these machines are equipped to keep up with the current market rates, too. It’s really as simple as pressing a few buttons on a screen, paying via your debit/credit card, and walking out with your gold tucked safely in your handbag. Or whatever you use to carry your gold around, really.

    Where: The Atlantis Hotel, Palm Jumeirah; Souk Madinat, Intersection Jumeirah Road

    The World’s Most Expensive Ice Cream

    What’s Dh 2,999 {INR 53,986} for a sundae that comes sprinkled with edible gold flakes? If we’re talking real novelty, this is it right here. The Scoopi Cafe in Dubai offers the Black Diamond—a delectable creation comprising saffron from Iran, vanilla bean ice cream from Madagascar, rare black truffles from Italy, and, of course, 23-karat gold flakes. And since you’re paying a hefty price, you get to take home the Versace bowl and spoon it comes with. Win, right?

    Where: Scoopi Cafe, Jumeirah Beach Road {near Burj Al Arab}

    Snow On One Side, Desert on the Other

    Say what you will about how insane this is—being the sweltering Middle East we’ve all grown up hearing about that it is—the Dubai Mall happens to house the largest ice-skating rink in the world. Dubai also has one of the first artificial ski-slopes in the world in the Mall of Emirates. So whether it’s a burning 50-degrees or a pleasant 20-degrees outside, you can always up the ante and go play in some real snow right in the middle of the desert. Both are highly accessible and—might we say—super fun. The fun only lasts for a few hours before it gets boring, though, so we’d recommend making the most of it while you’re there.

    Where: Dubai Mall {ice-skating rink}; Mall of the Emirates {Snow Dubai—play area and ski-slopes}

    Book Kiosks on Beaches

    Sun, sand and books! That’s right—you can find a smattering of book kiosks right on the beaches in Dubai. What’s better than catching up on some reading while you work up that perfect tan on the side? The material is mostly in English and Arabic, though, which also includes books for your kids.

    Where: Kite beach in Umm Suqueim and Al Mamzar Beach {with plans to spread to all the other beaches in the city}

    One Of The Tallest Hotels In The World

    Burj Al Arab is its name and sheer opulence is its game! Known for its iconic sailboat-shaped structure, you can do pretty much everything you want here as long as you have the moolah. It’s one of the few places we’ve seen adorned with so many gold-plated things—from pillars in the atrium and legs of the chairs to even sections of the bathrooms in the suites. If that wasn’t enough, it also features the world’s highest helipad. Oh, and did we mention it sits on a completely man-made island in the sea? Yup, it sits on a completely man-made island in the sea, in case we weren’t clear before.

    Take a 360-degree tour here.

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