We've Found 5 Ways In Which You & Doggo Can Socialise

Editors posted on 15 July

Your life is a haze between going to office and Saturday night wild parties with the same old people. In fact, your pup hardly gets to see you barring that ‘almost belly rub’ you manage while on your way out of home. So, it’s easy to imagine that you both could do with some excitement in your lives.

This is why we’ve zeroed in on five ways both of you can socialise better. New friends {or dates} and chill hangouts together never hurt anyone.

Sign Up For Dogs Day Out's Pool Parties

Dog’s Day Out is a Facebook community of more than 13K users where pet owners can share important information, pet advice and pictures of their adorable pooches. This group also hosts monthly/yearly events such as pool parties and doggo meet-ups where you and yours can socialise with more such animal-loving peeps.

Hop Over For Meet-Up's Pup Events

Meetups is a platform that enlists events happening in the city and you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of dog meet-ups and workshops for animal-lovers that you can be a part of. From stray animal rights & welfare meetup to pug meetups and doggie pot-lucks, you’ll find all kinds of events that’ll let your pup expand his/her pet circle. Browse through the website and do something good for your little {or not-so little} furball.

Don't Miss Out On Pet Fed 2017

Known for being the country’s biggest annual carnival for fur balls, it’s not only letting a whole army of pet parents meet, greet and put up their feet, it’s setting a precedent for what large scale pet events look like. 

The next one‘s happening in December and they have lots of planned from activities to puppy therapy to shopping and food stalls for both pets and their humans. Keep a tab on upcoming events here.

Chill At These Dog-friendly Cafes Sometime

Take your pooch out for the weekend to dog-friendly cafes and chill while you sit for hours watching them play with other pets. Puppychino with its treats, toys and ample space for dogs to have fun is our favourite cafe. The cosy Leo’s, Tabula Beach Cafe’s sandy area, the fun activities at Off The Leash and Throttle Shottle’s doglicious food are few other things that we love. Check out our list of pet-friendly cafes here.


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Host Farmhouse Parties With Canine Elite

Whether you want to organise a mutt party for a pre-decided guest list or want to sign up for talent show or pool party {cuz’ gotta meet new people, folks}, Canine Elite makes it happen. They give out their day care space or arrange for farm parties or hotel bashes based on your preferences.

Even though it’s a beautiful kennel for lodging, feeding and training for dogs and cats, it’s big on pet events and we’re glad it is. In fact, if you’re someone who likes combining work with leisure, it’s a worthwhile place to meet other new pet parents for every other small and big question you might have on doggo’s behaviours and upbringing.

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