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5 YouTube Channels To Stay In & Binge On This Long Weekend

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While most people would be travelling over this long weekend, our most ambitious plans for it haven’t gone beyond staying in bed and watch stuff for at least 24 hours straight, lazy slobs that we are. If there are more like us out there {and we know there are aplenty}, we have something for you; a whole list of YouTube channels to waste away your three-day vacation on.


CollegeHumor has been around since longer than anyone can surely guess {it’s 1999}, and, even despite having seen the whole of the digital revolution go past by, still manages to be one of the best outlets for original comedy on the web. There’s still no one who does sketch comedy better than these guys; just press play on their Greatest Hits or Best Of playlist and laugh your three-day vacation away.



Founded by a couple of writers, film critics and general nerds, Wisecrack stands out due to its unique and elaborate observations on various stuff in popular culture. They always have something new to say on even the most talked-about topics {like the Inception video below}, and excel at really explaining the hell out of something while still keeping it interesting.

Where their Wisecrack Edition series {my favourite} discusses the serious concepts and philosophy behind your favourite entities in popular media, 8 – Bit Philosophy combines gaming with philosophy, {like this one where they explain Plato’s Allegory of the Cave with The Legend of Zelda}, and Thug Notes makes classic literature more, well, thug; just see it to know what we’re talking about.

Every Frame A Painting

For movie fans, Every Frame A Painting is like finding a place on the Internet you didn’t know you were looking for. Run by a freelance film editor and filmmaker based in San Fransisco, the channel dissects and explains the various styles of filmmaking and editing and how they come together to make your favourite movies in quite an effortless and unique manner.

While this is {obviously} a treasure trove for filmmakers, every video on this channel works well for just sitting back and bingeing on over the weekend for the rest of us, too.

The Great War

While WW2 is quite amply represented in the historical war documentaries area, not much is popularly known about the war that started {and supposed to have ended} it all; WW1. To mark the centennial of the war, The Great War has taken up the arduous process of elaborately revisiting the events from then every week for four years {currently ongoing} to correspond with the years of the war, and given the engaging narration style, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to stop once you start.

If you’re into war documentaries, this one is the YouTube channel you should be extensively watching right now.

The Slow Mo Guys

Do you like slow motion videos of exploding balloons? How about glass? Maybe underwater bullets? Well, honestly, who doesn’t? What’s even better, however, is a whole YouTube channel dedicated to slow-mo videos, making for some of the most unexplainably satisfying stretches of binge-watching-a-bunch-of-random-videos ever.