Ten-Second Takeaway

52 Janpath is one of the few places in CP done up in an uber classy manner we’ve recently come across, complete with a drawing room, a faux fireplace and a candlelit al fresco area furnished with plenty of mist fans and coolers.

Chow Down

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus, Irish Potato Skins

Sip On

Twisted Sweet Girl, Pomegranate and Red Apple Mojito

Winning For

Its charming colonial feel-high ceilings, faux fireplace, large doors and quaint outdoor space, spruced up with lots of planters and a cobble-stoned floor.

Lowdown On The Ambience

Image courtesy: 52 Janpath

Image courtesy: 52 Janpath

When you’re entering, you have to go through a narrow white tunnel-like entrance till you come across a large wooden door, which wouldn’t be out of place at an old English tavern. You enter through a large drawing-room-like hall with a bunch of tables and chairs, as well as snug couches and a faux fireplace next to a large shelf full of books; the ideal place to unwind at during winter, perhaps with a cup of hot chocolate. However, for now, we’re calling dibs on the outside area; dimly lit {mostly only by candlelight}, it’s a beautiful space kept cool with coolers and mist fans.

They also frequently play live music. However the day we went, they were playing hits {and misses} from the 90s, and reminded us of that one school band most of us had to put up with.

Plate Night

There’s a limited number of dishes across categories including Thai, Italian, Pizzas, European and Deli. However, it was the small plates which had us intrigued, especially since we’d stepped in for a round of drinks.

From the appetisers that we ordered, the bacon wrapped asparagus possibly shone the brightest. Slender stalks of asparagus lightly doused in butter and wrapped in bacon rashers, and accompanied by a butter-based dip; winner. However, we were disappointed with the portions, which were barely enough for two. This can get confusing as the Korean Miso Honey Glazed Fish was enough for four people to munch on.

We also tried the Asian beef with garlic and Irish potato skins. The former was flavourful and reminiscent of the Tibetan shaptah. We really liked the potato skins, too, which were topped with a thick layer of cheese and jalapenos and served with salsa and sour cream; comfort food at its best.

Candy In Our Cocktail

Image courtesy: Zomato

Image courtesy: Zomato

A look at their signature cocktails list will leave you wanting to order every single one. And whereas we planned to, we were informed only two of them were available {plan your visit in 1-2 weeks from now to catch them all}, so, we ordered both.

The Twisted Sweet Girl was a spunky combination of vanilla-spiced vodka, star anise and a solo piece of marshmallow {nom nom}. The Summer Sangria was just about okay, but we were happy with the melon infusions. The mojitos and caprioskas, available in a bunch of fruity flavours, are worth all your attention, as well.

So, We’re Saying…

We’re very happy that CP is moving on from the loud music and dingy spaces kind of scene, and we’re definitely going back to 52 soon for another drinking sesh. And maybe a plate of their ras malai with strawberries.

Featured image courtesy: 52 Janpath